Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Treats Mini Book & Strawberry Jello Salad Recipe

Just finished working on this little mini spiral bound book and am ridiculously pleased with how it turned out. It's 4X6 and alternates handmade paper pockets, made out of scraps from another project that I'll share later on this week, and pictures from last year's Thanksgiving gathering.
Inside each of the five pockets is a tabbed note card with a recipe and a photo of the dish on the other side. Since it's a standard picture size at 4X6 it was so easy to just add photos, no need to crop or embellish. Since I developed them through Shutterfly they even have a nice description of each picture printed on the back, with everyone identified for prosperity.
We eat a pretty traditional American Thanksgiving meal but it's still nice to record our traditions. It's also nice to finally have a copy of the recipe for my Grandma's strawberry jello salad that shows up at all the big family gatherings. It's just not a gathering of my mom's side of the family without it. ER is pretty cute enjoying her personal ramekin of pumpkin pie too☺
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And just because I know you're dying to know my family's all occassion jello salad recipe, here it is without further to do! (Sorry for the bad photo, I'm on a mission to capture a more appetizing one this Thursday. It really is quite good☺ Thanks Aunt Margie for sending it to me!)
Grandma's Strawberry Jello Salad

2 3oz. pkgs. strawberry Jello
1 Cup boiling water
2 10oz. pkgs. frozen, sliced strawberries, thawed
1 1lb. 4oz. can crushed pineapple, drained
3 Medium bananas, mashed
1 Cup chopped walnuts
1 16 oz. sour cream

1. In large bowl, combine jello with boiling water, stirring until dissolved.
2. Fold in strawberries, with juice, drained pineapple, bananas and walnuts.
3. Turn half of the strawberry mixture into 13x9 pyrex dish as first layer. Refrigerate until firm, about one and a half hours. (Cover the remaining mixture and set on the counter for later.)
4. Evenly spread the sour cream on top.
5. Gently spoon on the remaining strawberry mixture and refrigerate.
6. Cut in squares to serve.

18 Friends Said:

Great West Life insurance said...

Hi. Thanks for sharing your Grandma's Strawberry Jello Salad recipe. As a big fan of cooking I have to admit that it sounds very interesting. Despite the fact that Thanksgiving here in Canada was few weeks ago I'm looking forward to try this recipe on the next occasion which will be probably this weekend. I wish you Happy Thanksgiving.

Good luck,

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Traditions' scrapbook! How fun to have and great to include the recipes of your Thanksgiving meals. :o)

As always... ER is too cute!

Blessings & Aloha!

(Dear friend...I can not keep track of my blog reading "free" time is so limited with work and busy getting Christmas drawing orders completed. Thank you soooo much for stopping by and commenting! I hope that your days have been happy, happy ones!)

Elisa@ElisaLoves said...

Love the booklet!! (Visiting from Cindy's party.)

Annette W. said...

The book is great! Love it!

We love Pretzel Salad. That's what we call it. It took me YEARS to try it, but it's the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Katie said...

You should be ridiculously pleased with you book! I love the way it turned out. It looks like it was a lot of work too...

Its So Very Cheri said...

Thanks for posting. I love to try new recipes.


Becky said...

I love the little mini book. What a unique and creative way to share memories.

Jaedyn said...

That mini book is SO cute! I love your creativity with that. :-)

I added this to my Creative Mamas Monday blog hop linky!

cindy said...

Such a great idea! I hope you post the how-to as I'd love to make one for my newly married daughter. Thanks for linking up this week :)

Tiffany said...

The book is adorable, and if I liked Jello I would say thanks! Thanks though for linking up to my blog-you're the best, and I'm following you too now! :)

Heidi Boos said...

Oh my goodness...what a great little book and what a fun way to record Thanksgiving traditions and time together with family! So often Thanksgiving just gets skipped over! I love that you added some of the "must have" recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner. Such an inspiring project!! Bookmarking this one. ;) you have a "bind it all"? (if that's even what it's called!)

peata said...

you should be pleased.
its great.

Cole said...

Great scrapbook and the jello salad sounds yummy!

Natural Mama said...

The recipe sounds divine!!!

Vickie said...

Wow, Katie! Your photo/recipe book looks amazing! Looks so professional!

The jello looks yummy!

Cassie said...

That book is SO adorable! Thanks for linking up at my place and for linking back to me!

Becca said...

That has to be the coolest thing!!! I love it! Thanks for linking!


Unknown said...

What a great keepsake!

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