Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's Talk Turkey

Ever day in kindergarten, we had center time. Here are some of the simple turkey themed activities I made up for November. I am only doing the math activities with ER right now and all were made with clip art from a seasonal teaching book I have and laminated for durability. Turkey Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Match Up: A simple activity to practice finding letter pairs, match the uppercase turkey with his lowercase labeled features.
Turkey Feather Numbers: Made with numbers up to 20 because I find that the teen numbers are the hardest to master. Normally once you've got 20-30 down you've also mastered 30-99 because the naming pattern is the same. Program one set with colored label dots from an office supply store. Label the other set with the number word and numeral. Find the pairs.
Turkey Feather Counting: ER absconded with my feather collection, we normally use them for art projects. Or you'd see them with the hand drawn turkey bodies in this picture. No smart remarks about my lack of ability to draw! A simple concept, simply add the correct number of feathers to each body. Practices 1:1 correspondance and numeral recognition.
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