Monday, November 9, 2009

Musical Monday: Skid Row's Sebastian Bach on Gilmore Girls?!

So I already outted myself as a hair band fan from the 80s when I reviewed the Rock of Age's Original Broadway Cast CD. But I don't think I shared that Skid Row was my favorite band back then.

When I came across this video of Sebastian Bach on Gilmore Girls Season 6 singing "Hollaback Girl" on The OmniCouple, I thought it was hysterical and so so very wrong! Thanks for sharing this Sara, even my husband was reduced to a fit of laughter.

If you have no idea who Skid Row are, here's their power ballad, I Remember You that you might have heard.

Before I saw the clip of Sebastian on Gilmore Girls, this was the most random Skid Row reference I'd seen. Country star Carrie Underwood covering it, live in concert.

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8 Friends Said:

Annette W. said...

I haven't looked at the video yet, but will. Yes, I was a hair band fan too! :)

Skid Row was a favorite, too.

Diane said...

i enjoyed hearing carrie underwood sing it. i love covers! thanks for playing!!!

Cheryl said...

Skid Row was my favorite too! I have all the Gilmore Girls on DVD and it still makes me laugh every time I watch the later seasons that he was on it. You should watch all the episodes... he is a pretty funny actor as well because you just can't forget who he is while you watch.

Christina said...

Hey there! Visiting from Tara @ Keeping up with the Kellys...Love the Skid Row video and Carrie singing too. That was one of my fave all time songs...I was a fan of all those hair bands!!

Maridith said...

Wow Carrie Underwood singing a Skid Row song. It is a great song and she really does sing it well. I loved Guns 'n Roses!! Nothing like the 80s.

Tara said...

I liked Skid Row too. Not sure I like Carrie Underwood singing this one though.

You can add your link if you'd like but if you could add my button on your post too I would appreciate it.

Amanda Moore said...

I don't watch the Gilmore Girls so I was unfamiliar with the first couple but Carrie Underwood rocks I love her!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Ha! That is a real trip down memory lane, I tell you!

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