Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I {heart} graphic i

After picked the winning number for the "My Sweet Baby Dreams" giveaway I went to check out my winner's blog. It was so fun to come across Stephanie at graphic i!

I just loved her card designs, which are so much cooler than anything I can come up with. I just had to share her with you all, and help out another Michigander!

Since no one can introduce her business than that her, here are a few words from Stephanie...

“i am a working mother of 3, and wife of 1, who's design hours are from 9pm until i fall asleep, and who's office is often the couch. at home, i am able to be with my 3 beautiful children and work into the wee hours of the night, while concentrating on the piece of design that i love best...the graphic eye."
In 2005, the face behind graphic i, Stephanie Pearson, was working her 5th year as an architectural design intern at a firm in Grand Rapids, MI. She had just had her first child, and despite always intending to stay home with her kiddos, was quite happy with the balance that work provided her family. Her mom was key to that situation, as she was their family daycare provider. However, that year her mom underwent a series of medical emergencies that led to seven brain surgeries. Stephanie took the summer off to be with her, and upon returning to work, quickly realized that her place was no longer outside of the home.

On that day, graphic i was born.

Graphic i focuses on 3 main areas of design:

architectural images, where she designs and renders floor plans, elevations, site plans and provides other elements in the areas of architecture and site design.

personal invites, where she showcases unique and modern baby, birthday, wedding, and holiday invitations, announcements, thank you's and more!

business identities, where many go for logos, business cards, letterhead and more!

Currently graphic i is highlighting Photo Holiday Cards! There are 36 fun designs available to be ordered through December 15th!

Check out for more details!

Aren't all her designs playful and cute? I love the bold style she has. They're very fresh, modern, and fun! The last two are my personal favorites.

World Peas because it's such a fun one for a baby's first Christmas, a neat twist on World Peace and one of the first foods little ones eat. The one below I like because you can fit so many pictures on it and it's so visual without being too busy.

Please note that all images and graphics in this post are considered the property of graphic i and are intended solely for viewing by prospective clients and are used in this post with written consent by Stephanie.

This is not a sponsored post or a review, just sharing what I {heart} with friends!

2 Friends Said:

Mama King said...

So creative and fun. I especially like the World Peas one :-) Although both my girls would say yuck to anything that had to do with peas!

Vickie said...

Awe! Those are awesome! Wished I had that talent. I also like the World Peas and the one with the pictures in the shape of a tree.

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