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Music Monday: First Concert & Current Can't Get 'Em Out of My Head Songs

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I missed participating in Music Monday last week Keeping Up with the Kellys, even though I planned too. Just to tired and getting a little sick, after our fun but busy weekend visiting with family. It was a fun theme too, to share music from the first concert you ever went too. I've already admitted to being a hair band fan, so these should come as no surprise to many of you.

So here is my post, only a little late, good thing this week's theme is to pick your own. My first concert was David Lee Roth, Cinderella, and Extreme, only Extreme wasn't there for one reason or another. I only got to go because we were on vacation in Georgia, visiting relatives and my two older cousins were willing to have me tag along. I can't remember exactly how old I was, but it was around junior high. I didn't go to another concert for years. Mainly because my parents wouldn't let me get stadium seating tickets, which is what most poor teenagers can afford, because they thought it was dangerous.

Even though he was a solo act by then, he still played all the old Van Halen classics. This is still one of my favorite songs. I have Best of Both Worlds and it is really a great overview of their career. I'm not a loyalist, I like both of their singers, I won't count Gary...we won't discuss that sad period.

He really knew how to put on high energy show. I sure was um fascinated by the enormous blow up ladies legs that were straddling the boom box backdrop to the stage. My mom probably wouldn't have let me go, had she know that was going to be there!

At the time I was more excited to see Cinderella, I also have their greatest hits, Once Upon A.... I'd show you the video for my favorite song by them, but the embeded code for Gypsy Road has been disabled. Their power ballad "Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone" was also one I liked a lot, back in the day.

Even though I didn't actually see Extreme, I'll throw in the video for my favorite song by them. And no, it's not More Than Words, although that is a great song with a lovely sentiment.

On a whole, my music tastes have changed quite a bit, over the years. Right now these are these are the ones I find my singing in my head...

We saw a Celtic Women special on PBS and ever since bits of "Walking Through the Air" come and go when I'm doing random things like washing the dishes or making lunch. This sporadic version I find especially lovely and moving. The song is also on the classic holiday cartoon, Raymond Brigg's The Snowman, that ER just got from her Great Aunt Margie. She really likes it and the DVDs been played several times, so that helps keep it in the forefront of my mind.

David Gray's "Fugitive" is a little upbeat number that keeps me and ER bouncing around. I like the over all message according to Gray, "It's saying don't forsake it all because there's something keeping you upright and keeping you walking down the street." I find that to be encouraging, to keep on moving on and trying even if it's hard too. I think that's why having children really changes your life, I always have something to keep on going for, my daughter.

5 Friends Said:

Tara said...

Can't really comment on Van Halen or Cinderella but I really did like Extreme and got hooked on David Gray when I first heard Babylon! DG was on one of the early shows last week though I don't remember which one. You have a great mix on here today! Glad you played along!!

Tara said...

Oh yeah...I loved your last sentence. So true!

Jennifer Juniper said...

My hubs mentioned an ipod to listen to while skiing this year, so I'm surprising him with one AND the best of Van Halen since he used to listen to Jump while skiing as a teen!

Annette W. said...

That was my first concert too...for my birthday. I LOVED CInderella and Extreme...not Roth. :) It was a blast!

Vickie said...

OMG!! You would get along with Jason. He loved the hair bands!! We went to a triple concert: Faster Pussy Cat,Cinderella and Poison at the former Pine Knob(I forget what it is called now) and he was jiggin' and I was standing there thinking, Man...where is Celine Dion;)

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