Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quick 4X6 Photo Calendar

I made a super quick last minute gift yesterday. It was so easy to make several copies of it in no time. I used this fun 4"X6" Pocket Calendar kit and created a desk calendar featuring all of our extended family and sent it off to Costco. The ones featuring me and my immediate family are below, so you can get an idea of how cute it all turned out. I added all my photos in PS Elements, uploaded, and picked up my prints yesterday. Now I've got a set to give to all of the Aunts & Uncles, Grandparents, and Great Aunts this Friday. They're a fun inexpensive gift and this year I don't have to provide the $1 to $2 frames, depending on where you buy them, to put the pictures in. They've all still got the little stand up clear plastic frames, that got I them last year. Each month they just put the corresponding month's picture/calendar page on the top. It's a fun little present and for me, easier and quicker than making one using CD jewel cases. Last year's version was through Shutterfly, you can see that version here. Those calendars are more generic and streamlined, you can find the calendar option under borders. But then I'd have to order them through Shutterfly and by the time you add up the pay their higher per print price and shipping...well I didn't plan ahead this time so they weren't an option. Don't feel to bad for Shutterfly though, they get plenty of my $$$! I love their photobooks☺
The calendar kit I used is half off right now at The "Ettes" & Company, only a $1.50 and so worth it for it's drag and drop convenience. I wasn't sure if I was going to make a new version this year, but my Mom said it really helped my elderly relatives remember all us and my Aunt Barb said she enjoyed seeing a new picture each month on her desk at work. I hope everyone loves it! I'm showing it off today at Show & Tell on Blue Cricket Design.

2 Friends Said:

Charity said...

What a great gift idea for grandparents. Thanks for sharing. I hope you and your family have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Michie said...

That is really cute! Maybe this will be the year I learn how to do digital scrapbooking. I just have no idea where to begin. Do you know of any really easy tutorials?

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