Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Babyphotographers.com Review and Smile Baby Contest

Say cheese! There is now a one-stop place to help you capture your baby’s best moments on film! Babyphotographers.com is a comprehensive resource for moms and dads seeking information about baby photography.

Now you don't have to do Internet searches, hunt through the phone book, or pick up random ad cards at children's stores - I admit to being guilty of that one, to find a photographer. It was very easy to find photographers in my area. There were two right in my small hometown and with a few clicks I was taken directly to each photographer's website where I could easily compare their styles and prices.

A lof of the photographers have photo galleries right on Babyphotographers.com. Photographer bios, an overview of their services and specialties, contact information, and any additional sites the photographer might maintain like Facebook, Twitter profiles, and blog addresses are also provided. I thought the profile for Allison Rodger's Photography was especially nice and complete. It was really handy to have all that information in one place.

Babyphotographers.com also features articles to educate and inform moms about great topics like “How to Have the Perfect Baby Photography Session,” on their blog. Its a great resource to have at your fingertips and now there's even a chance to WIN a photography session with one of the photographers listed on their site.
I don't know anyone who wouldn't love some beautiful photos of their family! It may be called the “Smile Baby” contest, but winners can pick a baby, child, or family portrait session! That means everyone should start on their 100-200 word paragraph answer to: What you do to get your baby to laugh?

Just one short paragraph is between you and a $2,000 gift certificate to the photographer of your choice from within the Babyphotographers.com site. Second place finalist will receive a $1,000 gift certificate; third place will receive a $500 gift certificate. Kids change so fast, memories fade, pictures last a lifetime...why not win them? You have until September 30th to enter!


Disclosure: I will be entered to win a gift certificate from BabyPhotographers.com for writing this post. Team Mom provided me with this opportunity and information for this post.

4 Friends Said:

Ess said...

Thanks for the info! I tried to go directly from your links but they didn't work for me. I'll type them out and check them out though. Thanks! :)

Katie said...

I went back in and redid all the links. Hopefully they are working now. Good luck!

Ess said...

Hey, thanks! :D

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the rave review and great post! Good luck to everyone who enters the contest :-)


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