Friday, August 13, 2010

My New Refridgerator!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for the comments and emails yesterday! I was at the beach all day and when I got home at ten o'clock I was astounded to find over 70 congratulations from all of you☺ That was so sweet, a whole decade of wedded bliss does seem like quite a landmark! All together we've been a couple for going on sixteen years; Brad noted that next year we'll have been together half of our entire lives, doesn't that sound crazy?! We MUST be an old married couple because our super romantic gift to each other was...this fabulous fridge! Isn't it beautiful? When it came on Tuesday, it even had "new" fridge smell! I told Brad all I wanted for our anniversary was my very first brand new appliance and boy did he come through! It has all the features I wanted, every one!
Starting with a water and ice dispenser in the door. The ice maker on our old fridge has been out of commission for a long time. Now we won't have to constantly buy bags of ice!
I love the French doors! This fridge is huge inside, no more gaps between the wall or cabinets on either side like before. Our stuff looked so tiny inside. It has so many options for the shelves too, some even lift up so you have more room for tall things inside.
I took these right after it got here, it's so new the wrap is still on the drawers! One feature I really like is this long pull out drawer. Now I can fit a party tray in there and it's perfectly sized for ER's juice boxes.

Do you see that hanging thing? At first I didn't know what that was for. Brad says it's probably for a wine bottle but since we never have any of those, we're thinking cans of pop or ice teas might fit on it nicely too.
The giant freezer is nice and deep, wide enough to fit lots of premade meals. Now I can stock up my freezer during the winter for quick dinners.
If you can turn off the ice machine and get one big drawer on top. I'll finally have somewhere to freeze berries in a single layer or to put cookies that need to be frozen before baked. The wide drawer was a must, after living with the side by side, where nothing ever fit, EVER.
Just some of the reasons why I am so happy with our purchase.
A "Before" shot of the old black side by side that came with the house. The ice and water dispenser was broken, the shelves kept falling down, and the light would flicker on and off. Did I mention the ugly black color that wasn't magnetic? I had to add all of ER's artwork to it so I didn't have to look at a giant black box all the time. After having this side by side, I never want another one.


9 Friends Said:

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is some fridge! Lucky you!
Time is an amazing thing isn't it? How could i have been married 30 years? that would mean I must be OVER 30! :)

Katie said...

So fancy - I want!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Your new fridge is gorgeous! I've been look at the ones with the freezer on the bottom but I'm not sure if that makes it easier to get things out or not?


Teena said...

ohhhh I am in fridge envy. After selecting our new side by side I regret it EVERYDAY! As you said, NOTHING fits in it :( that and it keeps breaking down. Waiting till the repairman says not to bother again..........

Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary and love the new fridge!

Tara said...

Happy belated Anniversary! You have made it a lot further than a lot of marriages these days. That refrigerator is the PERFECT gift in my opinion. I have a side-by-side and it isn't my favorite. Looks like you scored big time!

Carol said...

so, so, very, very, very jealous.. :) Congrats! we are also celebrating out 10 year this year... and hubby just told me.. THIS is my Christmas present.. :)


Anonymous said...

That is what we are getting next time we get a fridge, I hate my side by side but it's what has to do for now. Great gift for each other:)

Unknown said...

I have the exact same fridge, but in stainless steel! I love having the 3rd door, the drawers hold so much, the freezer tray, the ice crusher... Oh, and that shelf that lifts for tall item. I know this post is old, but I just had to tell you!

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