Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project Life: Week 4

The first half of last week was really busy and I was preoccupied with planning ER's Daisy Investiture Ceremony so I thought I might not have enough to make it through Saturday.  But it turns out I had to decide between photos to figure out which stories I really wanted to tell.  PL has really gotten me taking a lot more photos, which is great!  Now maybe my kids won't wonder why I have stacks of beaten up paperbacks!
  • Sunday: Nearly six months old and able to get up on all fours.  He's been rocking and flopping, which moves him a little bit forward each time.  He's been army crawling a bit too.  Oh boy, crawling will be next and then we'll never have a quiet second again, he'll be into everything!
  • Monday: Crock Pot Mondays have been instituted to help get a healthy home cooked meal in the table after ER's two dance classes from 4:30-6:00 PM.  Otherwise, it would be too easy to resort to the drive through.  We've had luck with chili's and pot roast but you can't eat those every week.  Unfortunately, the two attempts to branch out to soups have been misses.  At least this soup looks tempting, it was just missing something in reality.
  • Tuesday: ER's Daisy Investiture Ceremony, this is when the girls officially became girl scouts.  Each got their Daisy Membership pin, 100th Anniversary Pin - celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts, their Daisy Center - for knowing the Daisy Promise, and a Money Sense Pin.  I made the certificates each girl received and am the leader shaking ER's hand in blue above.
I also made an insert for the Investiture, using Design F with the last row of little pockets cut off.  It was perfect for a photo of each of the fourteen girls in the troop in the little pockets and group photo at the top and a copy of the ER's certificate on the back.  I decided not to share a picture of it because it once I edit out all the faces and names it wouldn't look too exciting.  But I am thrilled by how handy it is, years from now we probably wouldn't remember each girls name without it.

  • Wednesday: I finally sent of some happy mail to my friends Sharon and Steph.  You can see part of what I sent Sharon here and here.  I made each a version of the card shown above, that particular one is for my Godmother who recently underwent a bout with cancer and now has pneumonia.  It's been one thing after another for her.  I've been trying to send more handmade snail mail and she's definitely one who could use a little love via the postal service.
  • Thursday: My mom introduced me to the The Cat Who series when I first started getting interested in mysteries.  I've got each book, except for the last one which was terrible.  I donated it so I wouldn't have a constant reminder of how badly the series deteriorated.  The author's photo showed an ancient writer when I first started reading in the late 80's so I suspect there is a ghost writer or she's so old she can't write 'em like she used to.  I love book series and this one has been a favorite since the first one.  I've been revisiting them all week long.
  • Friday: Oh man does the baby have stinky feet!  I've been thinking it was me and trying everything from constant sock changes, to foot soaks, etc. to fix it.  My husband's the one who said it was LB.  I think it's because his shoes were made out of synthetic material and I would sometimes put him in them without socks.  His feet couldn't breathe and got all sweaty.  That's what I am hoping.  We went to Target and got him some cute puppy shoes, that say genuine leather on them.   When things say stuff like that, I always wonder, as opposed to what?  Fake genuine leather?
  • Saturday: Birthday party time, ER at Chuck E Cheese for our neighbor's 8th birthday party.  It's bittersweet, they'll be moving to FL next month and it's kind of like a last hurrah of fun for all the kids.  I hate it when things change and people move!
That's how my week went, how about yours?  Now if you've made it this far, maybe you've got some answers for me...1.) Do you have any suggestions for good Crock Pot Monday recipes 2.) What was the last card you sent, handmade or otherwise, and why. and 3.) Any book series recommendations?

Thanks for dropping by, leave me a comment even if you don't have any answers, so I can be sure to come see your PL!


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11 Friends Said:

Cami said...

My two favorite things: the photo of the card and the photo of the books lined up (so pretty).
Great pages!

Jenny said...

That is great that you are keeping up with your album! I love those little puppy shoes.
Congrats to ER on being a girl scout!

Kimberlee said...

Wow... such great journaling/documenting of your week. I am so bad at that. Great pictures too. I also like how you put the dates for the week. :D

{C} said...

Here's some crockpot ideas (if you're on Pinterest there are TONS of ideas there!):

Crockpot Sandwiches: http://www.bigredkitchen.com/2010/12/advent-day-3-crockpot-grinders.html

Tortilla Soup: http://jonandjenmiller.blogspot.com/2010/09/crockpot-chicken-tortilla-soup.html

Last card I sent? Hallmark Birthday card.

Book Series? Love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series. Laugh Out Loud FUNNY!

Angie said...

Great layout! Love your handwriting!

Becky said...

I really like how you make a point of telling the stories behind the photos. I tend to include a lot of photos and skimp on the journaling (although I do include my weekly insert to offset that a little). Anyway, I like your layout!

We like Cheesy Crockpot Chicken at our house. I put frozen chicken tenderloins in the crockpot with a can of cream of chicken soup and one or two cans of condensed cheese soup. Sometimes I add a touch of pepper or garlic. That's it! Then I serve it with noodles or rice and I serve it with either steamed broccoli or fresh veggies.

Also, if you like mysteries you might enjoy the Daisy Dalrymple series by Carola Dunn or the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters. Happy reading! :)

kate adderley said...

great journaling, your kids look so cute, love your journaling cards, what set are they from

MaryAnne said...

LOVE your project life books!

Leather shoes do keep my kids from stinking, in my opinion.

For crock pot dinners, if you like beans, my kids (and their friends who I took it to last week) LOVE 15 bean soup. We don't use the flavoring packet that comes with it, just spices I found googling recipes...

Chantel said...

I love that you are doing crock pot Monday's! I unfortunately only over one recipe that I have liked that I've made in mine, maybe I should branch out a little more (or not be so picky).

I love all the journalling you have, I forget things so quickly, I really need to get better at my journalling.

kristina proffitt said...

Love your pages! Cute photos and love all of the journaling you did! Thanks for linking up on my blog! Hugs!

Chris Coryell said...

Very lovely! Love the picture of the books!



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