Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: I Heart Minnie on DVD

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: I Heart Minnie on DVD
Suggested Retail Prices: $19.99 U.S./$24.99 Canada.
Run Time: Approximately 120 minutes

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang is back, this time with a new DVD featuring our favorite Minnie Mouse!  Come along and celebrate her birthday in the all new bonus  "You're Invited to Minnie's Birthday Party!" and continue the fun with five more episodes.

Included on the DVD are:

  • Minnie & Daisy’s Flower Shower (All-New, Never-Before-Seen) - The botanical highlight of the year is in trouble, unless Minnie and Daisy can get their flowers to bloom! Together, they board the glove balloon to help coax the clouds to sprinkle much needed rain.
  • Daisy’s Dance -Clap your hands and tap your feet! Join Daisy, as she gets ready for one of the most important events of her life––performing in the big talent show!
  • Daisy’s Pet Project - The Pet Parade is almost here and Daisy needs to find the perfect animal for which she can love and care. But it’s not as easy as she thinks and soon she has three new friends: an elephant named Bubbles, a giraffe called Longfellow and a bunny called Captain Jumps-a-lot!
  • Minnie’s Rainbow - After a brightly colored rainbow appears over the clubhouse, Minnie searches for the pot of gold that’s supposed to be at its end. Along the way, she meets a leprechaun and discovers that not all treasure turns out to be as she expected!
  • Minnie’s Birthday – Today is Minnie’s birthday, but the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse friends need to set up her birthday party.
My daughter is a big fan of all things Disney and has declared that this is her favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD.  Why?  In her words because, "It's all about Minnie and Daisy and their the girls!  Plus I like parties."  We'll be going to Disney World soon and she's already decided this is one of the DVDs that will be coming for her to watch on the plane.

I've already mentioned in previous reviews that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of my favorite kid's shows because of the educational content built into the story lines.  Released last week, this DVD is the perfect Valentine's gift for your little one because it also comes with two Best Friends Necklaces, one for her to keep and one to share.

Download Printable Activities!
Click above to get some great free printables, including a mailbox craft and cute little sharing cards!


Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of the DVD was provided for review.  The experiences and opinions related within are personal and unbiased. 

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