Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's with Friends

Friends came out to our side of town Sunday and we met for a yummy lunch.  It was relaxing to let someone else cook.  Since one of my dear readers, mentioned that I don't show myself very much, here I am.  Even more of a rarity than a blog appearance is that I'm wearing jewelry and lipstick.  I don't normally look so put together, but I like the maintain that fiction in photos.  After our meal we all came back to our house for dessert and so the girls could play.
This year with a six month old underfoot all day, I wasn't able to go all out with decorations.  Good thing I have the countdown and banner from previous years to make things festive.  One of the little touches I did do was adding a scalloped circle punched from sticker paper and a sticker heart to pink glasses.  Simple, quick, and effective, that's my crafty motto these days!  The girls drank pink lemonaide out of red heart straws while eating their raspberry chocolate cupcakes.  It was very girly!
I printed out these darling printables for the kid's table centerpiece from Sweet Rose Studio and put it inside the rag wreath from Holly. I just love that wreath!
I had planned for the girls to make these Valentine Blocks out of some leftover 2X4 scraps Brad has framing out the basement and vinyl. They were playing so nicely that there wasn't time so they took the supplies home.   
Brad went out in the freezing cold and snow yesterday to pick up a chocolate cake and raspberry chocolate cupcakes from Whole Foods yesterday.  Margaret and her girls made these chocolate dipped marshmallows, which were enjoyed by everyone!
Since Brad and I already went to dinner and a movie, we probably will have a low key Valentine's.  What will you be doing?


2 Friends Said:

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Looks like a very delightful Valentines Day!! So wonderful you could spend it with friends :)

Jenny said...

What a fun party! You both look adorable!

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