Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Rag Wreath from Holly

My dear friend Holly from Girls at Heart won my Christmas in July giveaway. Holly is one of the first three friends I made through blogging and I was so excited when her number was drawn. Right away I knew I wanted to throw in a few extra things. I sent them along to her in brown paper packages, tied up with string.
Holly has shown us a few of these rag wreaths she makes, and every time I've wanted it. Imagine how happy I was to get a package a few days ago with this pretty pink one inside! That Holly knew just the color I'd want too! There's no way I'm giving mine up, but if you want to make one, Holly was kind enough to do a rag wreath tutorial last spring. Here's a close up of all the pretty fabrics, ribbon, and rick rack Holly used. It's so pretty, I just love it!
She even sent along this sweet little card she made with the wreath. It's so darling! I've got it displayed on my shelves in my craft room where I can see it all the time. Thank you Holly for such a lovingly made gift! I appreciate your friendship and support, big {HUGS}!!!


9 Friends Said:

malia said...

Hi Pal! Ok this rag wreath is so cute! It would be fun to make one in orange and black... or green and red. Thanks to your friend Holly!

Anonymous said...

Oh! It's fun to see one of my creations on another blog! Thanks for giving a link to the tutorial, Katie. I've enjoyed making these so much and I know others will, too.
I meant to tell you that you would probably have fluff the wreath up and maybe do some tugging and snipping here and there. But you probably already figured that out! ☺

It was fun to suprise you and I hope you enjoy the wreath! ♥

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

Isn't Holly the best? That wreath is too cute:) Perfect for 2 sweet gals like you and ER ♥

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

oh man! that is the cutest wreath! and blog friends are aweome. I just posted about mine today (well, last night)

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

What a beautiful wreath! That was so sweet of her!

Jaedyn said...

Sooo cute! I really want one, too!

Vickie said...

Holly is such a sweetheart! That is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Loving that wreath, I may have to try to make some of these. That was very kind of her, blogging friends are awesome!

Teri said...

What a lucky girl! That wreath is gorgeous, Katie! :)

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