Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Barbie A Fashion Fairytale on DVD

Some of the first DVDs ER started watching, featured that timeless favorite, Barbie. We got the latest movie recently, and unlike ER's other Barbie favorites, it's set in a modern contemporary time and not based on a fairytale. That didn't mean there wasn't something magical about it. The flairies, named Glim'r, Shyn'e, and Shim'r, brought plenty of that and a good helping of every little girl's favorite...glitter!

Product Description:

Join Barbie™ in a colorful, modern-day fairytale filled with fashion, friends and fun, with the release of her newest DVD, "Barbie™ A Fashion Fairytale".

Barbie™ and her dog Sequin™ jet off to visit her Aunt's amazing fashion house in Paris, and much to Barbie's surprise it's about to be shut down forever! After she discovers three enchanting Flairies™ with sparkle-magic powers, Barbie comes up with a brilliant idea to save the business. She even inspires Alice, a shy fashion designer, and together they create a dazzling runway fashion show!

Barbie shows that magic happens when you believe in yourself.

Additionally, girls can live out their own fashion fairytale with dolls and toys including Barbie™, Ken™, the Flairies™ and the magical Glitterizer that are featured in the movie.

ER really enjoyed the storyline because it centered around something she recently became a lot more interested in, fashion, and these are especially beautiful to her because with the help of the flaries, they glittered, shined, and shimmered like no other. If they made the same fashions in ER's size Barbie's Aunt's fashion house would never be at risk of closing! All along there is the underlying truth to have confidence, work together, and Barbie's plucky can do attitude that keeps the story positive with a good message.

ER also liked the bonus features on the "Barbie™ A Fashion Fairytale" DVD. These include a funny "outtakes" from the film, as if it were a live action movie, and a behind behind-the-scenes featurette showing what it's like to be a real Barbie® doll designer! There are also some videos of songs featured in this movie and another recent Barbie title, along with a mini step by step dance how-to, that is amusing to see ER bop along to.

This is a cute movie, that all the girly girls will like a lot. The pretty fashions, magical flaries, and amusing animal friends - that this time include a canine designer, will mean that after watching it they'll all want to bring it to life with the accompanying dolls and toys.


Disclosure: A reviewer's copy was provided to me to facilitate an unbiased and honest review.

3 Friends Said:

Anonymous said...

Princess Z has this Barbie Doll and it drives me nuts. LOL
She wants the movie and I'm sure it'll be playing incessantly in our DVD player very soon. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

Zoe is just now starting to enjoy Barbies, she will love this DVD.

malia said...

Ok I watched this movie with Mia-- and liked it a lot! Barbie's got a new look in the last 2 movies which is a little too "mature" for me but I thought this movie had a great plot and characters. I know we'll be watching it again. And again. And again..

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