Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Valentine's Day Cards

Did you make any Valentine's this year?  As I mentioned earlier in the week, ER had her heart set on Disney Fairy cards for her classmates but she did make a special card for Daddy.
She drew this picture of our family.  From left to right that's her, me, LB, and guess who's all in pink?  Ha, ha, why it's Daddy of course!  I wasn't sure why she did him in that color, until she rolled her eyes and told me, "Pink is for Valentine's Day, Mommy!"
I made a baby sized mini card for LB, inside it says "We're Nuts and Bolts for You".  The envelope was cut with my Wild Card cartridge, which is kind of a waste if your machine only cuts 6X12.  The envelopes can only be cut in itty bitty sizes, which means if you want the card to fit inside they have to be even smaller.
I also used the cartridge to cut a large heart shaped card and the heart embellishments twice, once each out of light and dark purple.  Since I didn't plan to use an envelope, these I could cut as large as 5.5 inches.  The letters are all cut with my Sizzlets Alphabet Fruit Smoothie, which was time consuming but worth it. 

When Brad gave her the glittery princess card he bought I thought oh great mine is going to look plain jane next to it.  But ER was so excited and loved the fancy pop up hearts, guess she really is my kid, with an appreciation for handmade ♥  The sentiment is a play on the song we sing every night before bed, to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine," only it's, "Sweetheart," instead of, "Sunshine," because one night several years ago ER corrected me saying, "But I'm your sweetheart, NOT your sunshine."


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Jenny said...

These are cute. Abby bought Barbie tattoo Valentine's at Target. LOL!

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