Friday, February 10, 2012

Flag Banner Happiness Card

If you saw my Week 4 Project Life, you got a preview of this week's card.  It's one of my POTD, but these are so quick and easy to make, they deserved a quick post.  I made a whole batch in no time at all.  Plus they use paper scraps, do you recognize bits and pieces from the clipboards and the pocket & flap book?  I have lots of itty bitty scraps laying around and am always trying to figure out ways to use them, my husband would not doubt attribute this more to my pack rat tendencies. 

To make:
  • Free hand cut out a triangle flag and use as a template to cut as many extra flags as you need.
  • Attach each flag, forming a banner.
  • Make little bows with thin ribbon or twine.
  • Attach bows with a mini glue dot. 
  • Stamp sentiment & emboss with clear powder, if desired.
  • Round edges of premade card and ink. 
I can't decide which version I like better, the version with three or the four flags on the banner.  I think the one with three might have a slight edge, except for I like the red ink better because it really pops and contrasts against the white.  

The inside of the bottom card reads, "Comes in the mail" as they accompanied some happy mail packages I sent off to Sharon and Steph last week.  The top one went to a family friend in need of some cheering up. 


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5 Friends Said:

Theresa said...

this is a cute card! come link up if you like @
love to have you share this there.
glad to meet you via blog land.

Anonymous said...

How cute. I like the one with 3 flags better but that's just me:) Hope you are all doing well Katie and mommyhood with 2 is going great!!

Lindsay said...

I really love this card. It caught my eye when I saw it on my reader, and knew I had to come over & let you know! Great job!

Belinda C said...


April said...

Love these! I like the 3 pendant one best I think, but it may just be the colors.

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