Friday, August 31, 2012

Scrappy Shopping: Sketchbook, Doodlebug, & Simple Stories Oh My!

I have been "pretty" good in regards to scrapbook supply shopping lately.  I'm sure my husband would not agree with that statement, but my purchases have been confined to projects or specific pages.  I haven't indulged in picking up a bunch of stuff just because I fell in love with it and with nothing in particular in mind.

Well that all changed when I came across the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook collection at my local Joann's!!!  I have been in love with this whimsical, bright, happy collection since day one.  But to really indulge in it, I knew I would have to go all out and pick up almost everything.  One or two pieces of paper would definitely not do.  I know, I tried and then loved them so much and thought they were so special I was afraid to use them or the package of die cuts I was hording.

Two sided pieces of paper and embellishments add up at Archiver's, my favorite place to indulge in my drug of choice...anything scrappy related.  But I totally could pick up everything I had to have at Joann's plus it was all 30% off!  I'm in love with it all, just as I knew I would be.  I didn't pick up a couple more things, like a Daybook, I wanted but I plan to soon.
Some more stuff I picked up lately, are these adorable stamp sets from Doodlebug Design Inc., as you all know probably my favorite scrapbook company overall.  These were on clearance at Michael's for just $2.99 each!  I did a double take when I saw them.  I have two of their other sets and paid $9.99 for each of them at Archiver's, and at ten bucks a pop I really thought they were a pretty good deal.  I was ecstatic to be able to snap these up.
Speaking of snapping, isn't this appetizer plate super cool?  I found it while wandering around Target and couldn't resist getting one.  I have no idea what I will do with it.  I certainly didn't need it.  But sometimes you just gotta.

Moving on from recent purchases to some I hope to make soon...warning, get ready for a lot of !!!
I can't even begin to describe how badly I want this new Sn@p! collection from Simple Stories!  The bright primary colors are perfect for scrapping both my girly girl and my little guy.  These 3X4 cards are perfect for the Simple Stories binders, I already have one and plan to get more, and I know a few will turn up in Project Life.  This is totally the collection I would design for myself I could.
Like I mentioned above, I have one of these 6X8 binders, but it is so not as cute as this!  It has a plain black binding and I remember telling an Archiver's employee that I really wished they came in colors.  I guess sometimes dreams do come true.  And the variety of colors...oh my!!!

Besides the 3X4 cards they ave 4X6, monthly cards, a collection designed for their 12X12 it's a lot!  These stickers are so stinkin' cute I want them all and the label stickers are so versatile I think I'll need multiples.

See the whole collection at Simple Stories.

What has been your most favorite recent scrapbook related addition?  CHA recently happened, are you looking forward to any new lines as much as I am?


3 Friends Said:

Jenny said...

Those are fun! I've been doing scrapbooking digitally and with free stuff. So whenever I find a cute freebie, I'm pretty excited!

Crafty Mommy Diva said...

such cute cute purchases! Glad I don't have a big selection of craft stores nearby =)
Those quote cards look awesome too!

Lisa said...

The Snap stuff is super cute! Ah! Love! :)

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