Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project Life 2013: January 6-12

During Week 2, we finished up the room rearrangement that was started last week, LB moved into his own room for the first time, and I took ER to a college gymnastics meet with her Daisy Girl Scout Troop.
This was our second try and adding the office to the bedroom.  Brad liked this way a lot better and I'm really enjoying being able to look out our front window while scrapping.  It works for now, but I'm anxious to have our room back as a just a room and have better access to my extensive book collection, which is currently spread out all over the upstairs.  So are my crafting supplies - I have my larger machine's like the Cricut and my metal dies in the hallway closet now and without somewhere easy to set up my sewing machine I am unmotivated to use it.

LB had his first night in his big boy room.  As of yet there isn't much in there because the "baby" furniture is still in his older sister's room.  The crib is a convertible and she's on the tiny size so it still works to her in it set up as a toddler bed.  We just (in February) ordered her new bed and dresser.  Once it arrives we'll finally be able to set up the two kids rooms.
Have you seen Echo Park's new Photo Freedom line?  Since I really like a lot of their lines I bought their Volume 1 to check it out.  At first it seemed a little bit too Project Life inspired but they are promoting it along the lines of Stacy Julian's book, also called Photo Freedom.  The bright primary colors are just so happy and cheerful and more gender neutral than a lot of what I already own so it has been a nice addition to my stash.  I especially like the monthly calendar paper and used one for this week's date card.
For the second half I have some pictures of the kids trying new foods.  Spaghetti was not a big hit with LB.  He doesn't seem to like pasta of any kind at all, so weird for me since we all love it and ER could practically exhist on mac&cheese alone if we'd let her.  The big news for her is that she's gotten really into eating mini corn, the kind you find in stir frys.

Most of the rest of the page is about the gymnastic's meet we took the Daisy troop to.  It was a lot more fun than I expected.  The kids all got pom poms and loved cheering.  At one point they all got up and danced, they went crazy!  I included a card with the schedule of meets on the back and our tickets.
The other set of pictures on this half are of LB playing with a storage container Daddy brought home.  So funny how kids can take anything and make it a toy.  He loved putting on and taking off the lid and when he got tired of that, banging on it.  I used one of the free Paislee Press photo templates and some washi tape, stickers, and a label to decorate.

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