Sunday, February 1, 2009

Princess Clutch

I am so excited to have finally finished the little clutch I've been working on for ER. It's from my Amy Karol's book Bend the Rules Sewing and to be honest, this is my practice run. I really want one for myself, but thought I'd make a test one and give it to ER. It's a pretty small, similar to a cosmetic case size, so I think when I go to make mine I'll increase the dimensions a bit. It is however, the perfect size for ER.

If you have the book and decide to make this project and you're a newbie sewer like me, I did have a few hiccups along the way. It wasn't clear to me where to pin the ribbon when attaching the closure. Pin it between the two patterned fabrics, when they are wrong side to wrong side in step 3. My lining doesn't fit perfectly inside, it's a bit big on the long sides. I'll trim that a little bit next time too. Also, as you can see when looking at the pictures, the same part of the fabric is showing in the front. It was hard for me to visualize what would be showing where, since the flap is actually the back part side of the clutch when opened. Next time, instead of laying them down with the patterns, one upside down on top of the other, they should've been been the same way.

I found the cutest princess themed fat quarter pack at Joann's and used a forty percent off coupon for it, so it ended up being four dollars and change. I have a lot left of the two fabrics I used for the clutch and three more whole pieces so I should easily be able to make the zippered pouch and simple tote for her out of the coordinating fabrics too. Three or more projects for four bucks, pretty good I'd say.

I made this clutch for ER as part of her countdown to Valentine's day little gifties. I'm just waiting for Brad to trim the dowel I got for hanging it and then it'll be ready to post. It came out super cute, can't wait to share!

3 Friends Said:

Katie said...

So cute. I bet ER is going to love her pretty purse.
You make me want to learn to sew.
I'm anxious to see your Valentine countdown!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

very cute as always, katie! you crafty gal you! i'm sure your lil girl will adore it:)

noelle ♥

Vickie said...

What a cute clutch! My girls love purses and bags. They stuff them with all their stuff.

Good deal on the fabric:) 40% off coupons are AWESOME!

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