Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Fun with the Grandparents

Thanks everyone who sent along the sorry you're a klutz and get better wishes! Ha, ha, one actually said that, everyone was very sweet and I appreciated all bloggy love! That's how I felt about it, so clumsy! I am feeling a lot better now, the ankle still felt tender earlier on but now I'd say I'm back to nearly 100%.

In this household it's not just me who's loves reading blogs. I just have to share this cute little story, I had pulled up 4 Crazy Kings and was reading the latest post when next to me I hear this squeal of excitement, "Ooooohhhh ELEPHANT!!! My elephant, I make elephant. I make right NOW!"

It was ER looking at the cute tissue paper elephant craft Mama King had turned her daughter's tissue paper collage into. She was going crazy over it, and wanted to stop everything right then and there to do it. I could relate, I've felt that way too when blog surfing! She definitely takes after her Mama.
Today when Grammy, Papa, and Uncle Dave came over I decided to recruit them for craft time. I was joking about how many adults it took to help one two year old, as all four or us were standing around watching her, no wonder she thinks the world revolves around her! Grammy helped her with the tissue paper, gluing everything down. Our tissue paper collage is still drying, but she's excited for me to cut it out in the shape of an elephant so we can hang it up. Then it was Papa's turn to supervise stamping. Can I just say I LOVE these stamp pads and stamps, which unfortunately have been discontinued, from Lakeshore Learning, that's my favorite teaching supply store. I've been using these stamp pads my entire teaching career. They are big and the perfect size for little ones, and unlike on the dinky normal sized pads the kiddos can ink an entire stamp in one go. The stamps are big and chunky, and also sized just right for a toddler. I may have to run over and see if the store by my parents has any of the other sets left. ER loves banging away with these.

4 Friends Said:

k-e-household said...

My kid is treated as the center of the universe too. Its ok. They will turn out to be find upstanding citizens.

Dawn said...

Cute idea! Thanks for linking to it. I'm sure the grandparents loved doing crafts as much as your daughter!

Vickie said...

So sweet, ER is blogging with you!!

I will have to check out the elephants. My kids love animals.

Ticia said...

The only problem with those stamp pads is they are not always washable. I now have a permanently stained counter top from the blue stamp pad, as well as a bath tub, and it took 2 weeks to wear off my kids.
But, I do agree I love the size of the stamp pads.

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