Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome to Bunnyville

Today we had a great time at the Bunnyville Event at the zoo. We had been debating between going or not because it's a bit of a drive for us, and we'll be making almost the same drive tomorrow to Brad's mom's house. We decided after seeing the weather forecast that we had to take advantage of the nice weather, who knows what it'll be like next year.

It was a lovely day, although it did start kind of chilly. The sun soon came out and the place was packed, so we hurried up and did all the Easter activities first and then took our time seeing the animals.
First up were the games, she enjoyed throwing the bean bag into the egg shape with cut-outs, the egg toss, carrying the eggs back and forth, and digging for the dinosaurs in the sand. If you're thinking, dinosaurs? The reason for them at Easter is because the next exhibit to open is all about dinosaurs. ER didn't mind; she was very happy to unearth a pink dinosaur. She also really liked the other little prize filled eggs she won for each game.

There was a craft in the reptile house, which was pretty clever I thought. The used self adhesive foam egg shapes and had the kids add eyes, beak, and feathers to the sticky side. Then they put them sticky side down into colored sand.
We managed to find our friends even with the zoo being so busy, thank goodness for cell phones! The girls were happy to see each other and it was fun for them to all get their faces painted like bunnies together.
This was the first time she's gotten her face painted and I was concerned she might not like it too much, but she sat pretty well for it. She's been calling herself princess bunny ever since.
Here is one of my first attempts at using the clone tool to erase text, I didn't like the Meijers across the front of the headband. So I tried to use PS Elements to get rid of it and add Happy Easter instead. It was very frustrating, but I enjoyed the practice. I think I may have to invest in a continuing ed photoshop elements class, I think I've hit the limits of my self taught abilities. This one was really hard to work on because of the shadows across the headband - that really got me, plus I erased a bit over the bottom of the headband. I've decided this probably isn't too noticeable. The top photo's fix up job of her on one of the turtles outside of the amphibian center came out better, although it's probably too small to tell on here. You'll have to take my word for it☺The last thing we did was go on their jelly bean themed egg hunt, where the kids got to find eggs and then trade them for prizes.Our friends had to leave after the egg hunt, but ER wanted to run around the playground. So we headed over there and then took her around most of the zoo again to see all the animals. We were exhausted by the time we left. Brad took us out to lunch on the way home, so we had a lovely Easter family outing. It was a lot of fun.
One more picture before we wash the bunny face off, she's so cheesy! Notice our kitty, the elusive Beaver on the chair behind her. He's getting braver and braver...been staying out in the open longer and longer when she's around. But still darts off if she looks like she might be coming to pet him.

8 Friends Said:

kw said...

You did a fabulous job on putting Happy Easter on the headband. I love all the pictures. It looks like you all had so much fun!

Vickie said...

Great skills with the pictures. I don't think I have that program.

What a great family time. We will probably go to the Zoo in the summer time.

As I said on Facebook, she is such a ham!

Dawn said...

Cute pictures! Glad you had a great day-looks like lots of fun!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

how fun! wish our zoo did that!! she looks so cute in that last pic!!! and i think she knows it too!!

noelle ♥

k-e-household said...

I wish we even had a zoo!
I love the last picture. So cute.

Heidi Boos said...

Looks like such a fun (and exhausting) day! I love the bunny face cute!! I bet it was so worth it to be able to spend a beautiful day at the zoo doing fun Easter activities. She'll remember this for sure!

Have a beautiful Easter Sunday!

Courtney said...

How fun! What cute pictures!

Kris said...

How fun! That little bunny nose is just the sweetest!

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