Thursday, May 14, 2009

Letter C Activities: C is for Cat

We have two cats, so it's only natural for our letter C activities to be all about cats. We made a cat out of simple shapes and talked about how we were using circles and triangles to make our cat. We also discussed how the circle for the body is bigger than the circle used for the head and counted two circles and two triangles in our picture.

I added the features, which I normally don't do, but we were late for music class so I just drew them in as ER could not focus after we glued down the pieces. At the same time, she as very upset by the idea of leaving without the cat being finished. "Oh no Mama, my cat can't see...oh no Mama...what'll he do?" Then she'd put her hand against her forehead in a woe is me pose so this was a quick way to bring the activity and temper tantrum to and end. Plus we'd accomplished my main objectives, 1:1 correspondence and comparison language.

If you're wondering, the "My cat can't see," came from her fixating on something I'd innocently said while we were working, about how now all we needed to do was give him some eyes so he can see, a nose, etc. Who knew that'd be what got all of her attention?We also made a C is for Cat Snack: Cut a circle out of a piece of bread, I used a cup and just pressed the open side into the bread. Cut two triangles out for the ears. Cover it with cream cheese, peanut butter, or jelly whatever your child likes the most. Then add raisins for eyes, yes you see chocolate chips on mine. That's what I had onhand. I rarely have dried fruit in the pantry because I prefer to give her fresh fruit as snacks but it would've come in handy that day!

Then add a cheese triangle for the nose. I normally use celery for the whiskers but yep, that's cheese again. We were fresh out of celery. So our version isn't quite as much fun with all the different textures but she still gobbled it all up, so it was still a successful activity. Especially since, amazing she ate an entire pear with it! My kid is going through a I'm only going to eat two bites phase, so that was noteworthy enough to make the blog☺

It's that time of the week, time to catch up on all the great ideas around bloggyland! See I Blame My Mother's Kid Friendly Friday, she has a great letter recognition activity using tiles from a game called Bananagram, which I had never heard of until now. I did similar activities in my classroom with what I called letter "tiles", but were really photocopied alphabets that were cut into square paper tiles.

You should also go see Ramblings of a Crazy Woman's Friday Showcase, also a great linky party to find and share ideas. I really like the teddy bear masks she recently made out of paper plates with her preschool class, what a great idea to used colored plates and save yourself a step by skipping coloring the plate.

9 Friends Said:

Katie said...

Looks like you had fun learning about the letter C. That is a tricky sound for Gavin to remember because of the C & S sounds. The Zoo Phonics creature for C is a cat so you're right on that one!
I really like your snack. Cheese and chocolate - yum!

Mama King said...

Hi Katie, tomorrow's post ends with a snapshot of our CAT inspired sandwich. Thanks! Lu went gaga over it!

Maridith said...

These are great tips!! Lawson knows her alphabet but some letters we have trouble with like C because it can sound like K. Do kids just remember Cat starts with C because of memory? Or is there another tool because Cat does sound like it start with K. I swear I have never put this much thought into this stuff until we started working on 'This word' starts with the letter what?? (Asking these questions without seeing the word- because if she saw it she would know the answer)

Kathie said...

I love these crafts. I might have to do this one with DD this weekend. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

P.S. I might have left you a little bloggy award over at my blog. ;)

Missy said...

These are great ideas, Katie. I especially like the cat snack. My daughter would love making that. Thanks for sharing.

Sharinskishe said...

So creative and theme-y! I really love how you made everything connect. So did you do dog for 'D' or dinosaur or ???

So fun and Thanks.

jennwa said...

I love the cat projects. I think we will be making cats in my class.

Thanks for sharing with Fiday Showcase

Sarah said...

Love the cat sandwich. As long as there is a food tie-in my daughter is on board :)

Capital Mom said...

Those are some great C ideas. I think I will try the cat sandwich with a rice cake face.

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