Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy Around the House

I don't really think of Brad as being very handy, but in his defense we were apartment dwellers for a long time and he didn't have much opportunity to do anything more than hang up a picture or two. Adding ceiling fans to two of our upstairs bedrooms has been something we wanted to do since moving in almost three years ago. I'm thrilled to report they finally got put in and we've been enjoying cool breezes ever since☺. They are so much quieter than floor fans, also a nice plus.

The major hold up was finding a white fan that I approved of. I might be oh um a little bit picky. We finally forced ourselves to seriously look around and found these, not without a few bumps in the road. The first set we ordered came in and weren't what we expected, but that's a long story that no one is really interested in.

A week ago Brad got up early and was in the attic working hard all day to put these much needed fans up and it took him most of the day to get them both installed. I love them already and wish we'd gotten them a lot sooner. Upstairs gets so hot and stagnant when there isn't any wind. We can't leave ER's window open because they are low to the ground and she could easily push through the screens and tumble out down from pretty high up. They keep things a lot cooler and let off a lot more light than the old ones. It's so much easier for me to scrapbook with their bright lights late into the evening.
The other thing Brad worked on was replacing the extremely cheap roller shades with these inexpensive wooden look plastic blinds. Trust me they are a million times better looking than the shades, which were ripped and bent. They functioned just fine, which is why there weren't a priority, but whoopsie I really tore one last week. Seriously, it really WAS an accident but I am so happy it happened. My new blinds are so pretty and weren't that hard to replace. I'm already planning on switching out ER's flimsy and bent blinds real soon.
Can you tell Brad's been busy? The last project he did was helping me organize and switch around the various metal shelving units we have. We bought a new one for my office closet so I can finally organize things in there. Plus he moved things around in the basement, where we have several more AND organized his tools. Then he put one in our garage and organized our cans of pop and waters from Costco so that things are all neat and tidy.

Thanks to Brad our house looks neater, is more comfortable, and he's got one happy wife. He got a lot done last weekend and got to check off a lot of things from his "Honey Do" list. He's such a sweetheart and I'm so thankful he got these things done. They might not seem big but they have really made a difference in improving our day to day life.

5 Friends Said:

Sami Jo said...

Isn't it lovely just the little things that have been bothering you (and your husband really doesn't care right off...) but after they fix that thing or organize this or that - they're like WOW!! that is awesome and what a difference! Your closet looks lovely!

Annette W. said...

Looks great! Derek has been a bit busy too with little things. I can't wait for paint!

Kelli said...

You guys HAVE been busy. It's so nice to get things done around the house. We aren't very handy either but we want to work on that. Love the Black and White pictures too.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

i love lil home improvements like that! yay for brad! i hope we can do some improvements after the wedding! we were joking that we'd register for gifts at Menards!! lol

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Your hubby did quite a lot! Yay for handy-man husbands!!!

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