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Out and About in Arizona: My Life in Pictures

Since I began blogging I think I've kept everyone pretty much up to date on a lot of our travels, those across statelines and close to home. So today I'm going to go back into the archives to share one of our past adventures. See where else all the coolest people are at and join in with us, at Amber's My Life in Pictures challenge!

Back when we still lived in New Mexico, during one of my family's trips out to see us we went over to Arizona to visit Sedona and the Grand Canyon. ER was about 10 months old and still content to be in the baby carrier. It's a good thing because it kept her secure when next to the canyon walls. This is not something I'd reccomend doing with toddlers on the move or even small children. We were really impressed with the natural beauty of Sedona, and especially Red Rock Crossing, which deserves it's title as one of the most photographed spots in Arizona. Of course, it's hazy in my picture, go in the morning or on a cloudy day to get better views. I think it's one of the most beautiful spots in America, being surrounded by all that red rock and all the formations is something I highly reccommend everyone make time to see at least once in their life.
We also made a day trip to the nearby ghost town of Jerome, a town literally built into the side of a mountain. We used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and even Brad and I were still impressed by how steep and winding the streets were. Like all good tourists we had to eat at The Haunted Hamburger, which has Rachel Ray's of Food Network fame, stamp of approval. The breathtaking scenery, enjoyed while eating on a cliff and the hamburgers were as good as she promised. Really, I mean it, the lenthy drive and hike up sets of stairs is worth it.On the same day as our stop in Jerome we squeezed in time to see Montezuma's Castle. You can't go in it, and it is WAY up there but it's so cool. Totally worth the stop just to see, mind boggling that people lived up there. And to think my mom grips the handle of the down escalator with an iron grip for fear of falling. They would think we're all pretty soft I'm sure.Finally the big show stopper, us at the Grand Canyon enjoying the views from the south rim as the sun sets. This is not my favorite family picture from the trip, but I've already shown that one. Let me say, I love travel and seeing new things. I especially like discovering all the beauty America has to offer. But there was NO WAY I was taking a donkey or walking down Angel Trail to the bottom. Naturally, I blamed needing to take care of ER for the decision. Not being a fan of flying a helicopter and raft trip was also out. Even if you are like me and visit from the rim, there are lots of shuttle buses and view points available that still enable you to fall in love with it. It's an unforgettable experiences being there. Next to the vastness of the canyon, you are once again reminded how little we are and how short of time we have to enjoy our beautiful earth. Anyone not into conservation, should go there and just breath in the air.
On our whirlwind trip to Arizona we managed to stop at the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert on the long drive home. It was a lot of unparalleled natural beauty squeezed into a short time, with one breathtaking view after another. It would've been easy to not appreciate each one. I thank my parents for instilling a love of discovery and for teaching me to relish each scenic overview as a new chance to see God's greatest work. Even if I hated being dragged on summer trips while growning up and may have whined oh once or maybe twice at the most about it, it must have worked. Because I fully intend on loading my chicklet up in the car and driving her all over too.

While none of these are photo card worthy photos, they do capture enough to help me recall the vivid landscapes so different and stark compared to the lush greenery of the flat Midwest where I grew up. In my book that makes them award winning☺

15 Friends Said:

eriochrome said...

It was a great trip but you forgot to mention that it snowed on us in May or was it June at the Canyon. No one had quite the right clothes for that weather so everyone was in multiple layers.

H-Mama said...

i hope to go one day... great shots. ;)

Amber D. said...

I would love to take a family trip to the Grand Canyon.

Montezuma's Castle is cool, that would be so neat to see!

Alicia said...

Wow-what a view!

joeybelle said...

Fun photos and cute blog!

kbloems27 said...

Great pictures!! It is definetly on my list of places to go someday!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh! The Montezuma's castle is amazing! I lived in New Mexico from 1979 to 1983. (near White Sands Missile Range near Las Cruces).

I am the same way about hanging on the escalators. (but actually, for some time now, I find myself hanging on to my hubby if I dont have hand sanitizer with me, cuz I started thinking about all those before me gripping on to the rails...but that's another story haha)

How fun to share the sightseeing with family!

Blessings & Aloha!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

You def hit up all of the gorgeous places here in AZ! Man, with this heat, I think I'd like to take a drive up to Sedona now! Thanks! =)

Jennifer said...

My BIL lived in Flagstaff and we went to visit him two summers ago. Spent time in Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I absolutely LOVED it!

Beautiful pictures!

~ Jennifer

Jenny said...

That looks like a really fun trip! I've only flown over the Grand Canyon, so I hope to take our family on an actual trip there someday. Montezuma's Castle also looks amazing!

Sandy said...

Someday, I wish to go there with my family! Great pics!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

So beautiful!! It must be so nice to look back on such great memories.

Alicia said...

Now that Im here....not fair!!! You do realize we swapped places.
And yes I will get you here for a January vavaction even if I have to fly with you.

Vickie said...

Cool! So lovely! It is amazing that people lived in the rocks!

Hey, your mom is right...escalators are scary!!

Jason wants to take an RV to the Grand Canyon, someday.

Cris said...

The SW trip with the canyons and Natl Parks is definitely on our travel to-do list. Again - great memories.

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