Friday, October 16, 2009

Michael Bublé's Crazy Love Review

Last week multi-Grammy winning artist and singer of two #1 hits "Everything" and "Home", Michael Bublé released his much anticipated new album Crazy Love. One2One Network sent me his CD to preview ahead of time and it's been playing nonstop ever since I got it!

Refered to as his "ultimate record about the inevitable roller coaster ride of relationships," I enjoyed the pacing of the CD, "Cry Me a River" starts off with a lot of gusto and dramatic music, "All of Me" picks things up a bit before the classic "Georgia" lazily brings on the smooth "Crazy Love". All the songs flow into one another seemlessly, providing the listener with a great collection of passionate songs that embodies the deep mysteries of love sung by one of the most exciting, young performers today.

smooth rich vocals, lend themselves easily to the timeless classics he's chosen to include on Crazy Love's Track List:

1. Cry Me A River
2. All Of Me
3. Georgia On My Mind
4. Crazy Love
5. Haven't Met You Yet
6. All I Do Is Dream Of You
7. Hold On
8. Heartache Tonight
9. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
10. Baby (You've Got What It Takes)
11. At This Moment
12. Stardust
13. Whatever It Takes (bonus track)
My favorite song is one of the two original songs on the CD, "I Just Haven't Met You Yet", and if it's any indication of Bublé's ability to turn new songs into classics, then his next album should be of completely original material. I love how "I Just Haven't Met You Yet" gives a definite nod to bygone eras, but with a fresh and modern take to it. It feels like a really catchy pop tune that would also feel at home on the stage. The first time I listened to it, I began imagining when the dancers would break into a chorus line behind Michael.

If you haven't heard it you have to! The upbeat lyrics and beat will make you feel like breaking out in dance steps, wherever you happen to be! Maybe even at the grocery store...judging from the video I wasn't the only one envisioning background dancers! Since I know that'll leave you wanting more, check out this Music Sampler, and listen to snippets of each song. It's a really good CD, definitely one of my new favorites that I'll enjoy listening to while driving in the car or when I need a little music to take me away after a long day of chasing after a three year old!

Disclaimer: Thank you to One2One Network for providing the reviewers copy.

3 Friends Said:

kbloems27 said...

I am so going to have to check out this CD! I have heard great things from others as well. By the way I saw you in Family Fun!!! Congrats and ER looks so cute in her crown!

Amanda said...

I LOVE Michael Buble! I have all of his other cds in my car and they are by far my favorite! I had no idea he had a new one coming out, now thanks to you I am off to to add it to my wishlist! Thanks!

Vickie said...

Oh! He is a cutie!! I saw him on Oprah a few times but never bought his stuff. I like it!!

Well, Jason is going to have to go to itunes and buy it or I have to find him at the library:)

Hey, I took a glance at your side bar and saw something about Detroit Mommies. Gotta check it out.

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