Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Lights Predictable Reader

Lately ER has been talking about wanting to really read a book to her dolls. So I decided to help her out. ER and I made this really simple predictable reader together. I created the pages on Word and imported a graphic for the first page and last page. These are also the only two pages that don't follow the pattern.
As you can tell from the inside pages most of the pages have the simple sentence I see a (insert color word) light. I, see, a, and an are all Dolch words and I used to make simple readers like this all the time for struggling readers and would be developmentally appropriate for a kindergarten class.

Since ER is not really ready for this, I helped her by coloring text as appropriate. The printer was acting up so I had to give yellow and orange some help. If I using this with kindergarten students I would not have provided this visual cue. I had color words up around the room and they could refer to the environmental print to help them out.
The last page reads as shown above, and yes I realize that's not technically a sentence.
To make the book ER had to take a Christmas light and paste it on the right page, using the visual cue I mentioned previously for help.
Here is a completed page. I left a big blank spot for her to glue it above the text. She had her own ideas. Except for one page, where she ever so nicely glued it where mommy pointed, they are all in the same spot, to the far right.

By the second time through she could "read" along with me. I'm showing her how to point to each word as she "reads" it. At this point it's just by memorization. When we picked it up later in the day she'd forgotten the pattern but quickly picked it up again. I'm sure in a few days she'll have it down. She's very proud to be "reading" her own book, and it's fun to listen to her. Although hearing her make up stories for her class of babies is quite cute too.

Of course I've skipped several steps, like a fairly important one, such as mastering the alphabet☺ I just thought this would be fun to do and see what ER can do with it.

9 Friends Said:

Anonymous said...

Love it! Just wanna come by and say HELLO! I've been away for so long but my laptop is fixed. Hope your doing well and your holiday was great!

Becky said...

Cute book idea. I'll have to keep that in mind for when my little one is a bit bigger and ready for something like that.

The Activity Mom said...

B would love this. Great idea to create them in Word and get the child involved with the illustration!

Vickie said...

That is a good idea! Both Adela and Michaela would love it. Macheala loves kindergarten so much. I catch her playing class almost everyday!

Jaymie said...

What a great idea! Charlotte is just now working on a preschool readiness book, as she wont be 4 until January. We will have to make something similar, I'm sure she would love it!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Oh, I love this!! What a great way to emphasize sight words and introduce color words! I'm sure Emily will want to make one too!!!

Mama King said...

Wow great idea! I like how she matches the lights to the book. I may have to make one up for my girls. Thanks! I am jealous of your little binder machine!

Louisa said...

This is a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing it. I made a similar book for my son when he was two, called "My Body". The pages had "This is my arm", "This is my leg" etc. with a picture (but not as nice as yours!) It really did get him interested in reading and once he could "read" his book (from memory and with the picture clues), he started to ask about letters and words all the time. Oce he had learnt a few words he also loved to play these simple Dolch word games.

RoS said...

Very nice - I'll have to pass this idea on to all my "Grandma" friends!

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