Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last Year's Christmas Play Date

Last year Margaret hosted our second themed play date. We had a little gift exchange, lunch, and a cookie decorating party. Margaret made the cutest gingerbread bears and it was the first time ER got to frost all by herself. We took a break for the frosting to harden but more importantly to get our hair done☺ It was so cute when Margaret's oldest gave ER a makeover and made her all fancy. It's when the light bulb went off in ER's mind that she really REALLY loved all things girly.

From then on all ER could talk about was how much she wanted a vanity like the girls had. We had to play beauty shop every day and put a zillion hair clippies in her hair. Come to think of it we still do, only now she wants to do my hair too.

That ended up being her big Christmas gift last year, a vanity and pretend make up set, that she still loves. For some reason blow drying her hair is her favorite thing to do, hers makes this little noise and she just loves holding it up to her head. After lunch each girl got these little edible water colors to add detail to their gingerbread bears. That was so neat, hadn't seen that before. ER was content to back and forth between the color sheet and her bowl of water. She just wanted to dip that brush into the water over and over, never mind those bears!
We gave both girls a little beanie snow lady and some handmade goodies, cause you know that's the way we roll! I shared both of these before but here's a second look.The little felt necklaces for each girl were easy to put together using my die cut machine; I posted the directions, at the very bottom of this post. We also gave them each two pairs of hair clippies. Since I have a very girly girl I've posted on this subject a few times. Some online resources and tutorials I've used are shared in this post, how to cover alligator clips here, more examples of clippies in this challenge, and a cute craft and way to store hair clippies here.

I've linked this up to 12 weeks of Christmas at Red below for more details on this fun holiday themed blog series, only a few weeks left to join in!
Twelve Weeks of Christmas

10 Friends Said:

Anonymous said...

Look how little she was my they grow so much.

Kelli said...

Look how little ER is in those pictures. It looks like a really fun time.

Vickie said...

That was just a year ago! ER looks so young then. Wow she really grew this year:)

Looked like a fun party. You are so creative. Maybe you can do a side job as a mini-party planner;)

Sandy said...

Katie, Thank you for your comment on my post.
My mind wondered to past children's parties, too, when I thought about this week's topic.
This is so neat that you are doing this now, and friends are noticing the growth in your daughter.
Merry Christmas!

laterg8r said...

thanks for coming by my blog and making such sweet comments :D

off to look around yours :D

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

It is amazing how they can change in only a year. Thanks sweetie for stopping by today, I'm always thrilled to hear from you :) Kisses

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

How wonderful! I cannot believe how much ER has grown in just a year! What a fun and memorable playdate. Love the watercolor icings! Looks like so much fun!

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

That looks like it was so much fun! I think our daughters would get along well. Aiyana loves playing with her "hair styling toys" too. It is so cute to watch. She wants a vanity, we just do not have the room for it right now. My husband is going to make a playhouse for her over Christmas break, so maybe some of her stuff can go int there.

Bran said...

I just learned how to make hairbows like that and I LOVE it!!

Aren't playdates so much fun?! We have been in a playgroup since my girl was 3 months old and I have loved every minute of being apart of it.

Jenny said...

Cute ideas! I'm visiting from Red Writing! I can use some of your creativity for a little after Christmas craft party I'm letting my Granddaughters have here! Might keep 'em busy enough to keep out of trouble. You might like the snowflake quesadilla idea I have on my blog. Kids would love making these!

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