Thursday, May 13, 2010

Celebrating Mother's Day

This year we had both Grandma's over for Mother's Day for an informal BBQ.There was delicious food, we prepared the Moijo Lime grilled chicken and fruit salad. Norma brought her fabulous Chinese Slaw and my mom contributed a delish grilled potato salad with corn and avocado in it. Everything was sooo good!A very special edible centerpiece was baked up and decorated the night before. I can't take credit for it, my new book What's New, Cupcake? showed me the how to. I'll admit it did take me a long time to make everything, but I think next time it would go faster. Okay I have to show it again, a close up this time. Aren't they super cute? I'm rather impressed with myself☺ ER did not help with the flower creation, because you use melted white chocolate as the "glue". I half didn't believe it would work and used too much but believe me, the chocolate will hold everything in place.You know we had to make something special for Grammy and Grandma Norma! I love the sweet smiles on the faces of ER and my mom, oh the anticipation! The cute little scrapbooks I shared earlier. I think it's important to involve your kids and at least see if they are interested in your hobbies. I hope ER continues to want to craft with me as she gets older. You can see her first ever scrapbook, here.
I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! To find more Mother's Day posts, celebrations, tips, and activities stop by ABC & 123, we're hosting a linky starting today. We'd love for you to join up too!


2 Friends Said:

Sew It To Me said...

What a fun day! We actually bought my mother-in-law the same book for her present this year. I love how your cupcakes turned out!

Anonymous said...

Oh looks like a fun filled day. Those cupcakes look delish!

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