Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Scrappy Sunday Template Challenge

Paper Craft Planet has a monthly template challenge that I decided to join in on. What's great is that you can do either paper or digital layouts and layered templates are provided. That makes it so easy to work with them on Photoshop Elements.Here are the templates for May and below is what I did with them. I probably should go back and add shadows, but that is the one part of digital scrapbooking that really confuses me. I never know where to add them.
I tried once again to do the Project 365 and failed once again. But it has gotten me taking a lot more pictures of the every day things we do. Here are a few from May, on a page I just noticed I forgot to add a title, whoopsie! Digital Designer: Ellie Lash, kit A Little Dream Mini 1 & 2
This is my favorite out of the four, featuring a favorite photo of me and ER from a recent post. Digital Designer: lliella designs, kit JuJu Garden
I wanted to do something special with two of my favorite pictures from spring, also seen in Fresh Picked. Digital Designer: Lindsay Riches, kits Juicy Citrus & Berry Delightful. Yellow Polka Dot Paper by Kathy Winters Designs, Cherry Lemonaide Kit Digital Designer: Kristin Cronin-Barrow, kit Love is in the Air on a layout for Mother's Day.

It felt good to get four pages done and use some of the digital kits I've been slowly accumulating. I'm glad I decided to do them all digitally and am pretty happy with how they turned out. You'll see I didn't deviate from the sketch very much but that's the nice part of templates. You don't have to spend time thinking of where to put everything. Plus I'm still new at this whole digi thing so it seemed easiest to just follow along.

The only thing is digital scrapbooking doesn't really feel like I'm crafting. I guess if the paper cutter isn't dragged out and I don't have sticky residue from the double sided tape on my fingers, I don't think it counts. Anyone else digi scrap? What are your feelings on that?


3 Friends Said:

Christy said...

What sweet pages! I like the one with the yellow 'flowers' as well! The colors are just so fresh! They are all great. :O)

Jessica Taylor said...

I love what you did with these layouts.

Start by adding shadows to your embellishments. If you were making the pages with paper, that's what would stand out the most.

MBC Scrapbooking said...

I haven't delved into digiscrapping yet, but I really want to...although I am so very much intimidated by the computer savviness of it all. Auuugh.
I also agree that it doesn't seem like it would feel crafty- when I do teach myself how to digiscrap, I plan on printing some out for "real" scrapbooks as well.

What are your favorite digital kits for just starting out that you can recommend? Thanks!

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