Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love My Library

About a year after we moved to our hometown, the neighborhood library moved into a brand spankin' new building. It's got three floors, open space, and lots of windows so it's always light and bright. It's really a beautiful community resource. Before you get too jealous, you should know our library used to be in a long really old building and we were crammed in. When you walk in can either go upstairs to what ER calls, the grown-up quiet spot. We don't spend too much time up there together, just long enough for me to get a quick peek at the craft and cooking sections. One day I'm going to go over by myself and enjoy the reading room upstairs. It's even got a fireplace and looks like a great spot to relax with a book.

Downstairs is where the monthly Friends of the Library Sale takes place and all the big fun activities. We're there a lot for the Summer Reading Program special events. Year round we can usually be found on the main level. It's where the new releases, DVDs, juvenille computer section, and all the kids books are. There are lots of tables and chairs to sit at so you can look through the big non fiction titles with lots of cool pictures. Today ER choose one of the big comfy chairs instead.
Look at the pretty view we get, it's next too a community park. If you look closely you might catch a glimpse of the river that runs along the library. A train track also goes right by the windows in the children's section and if you are lucky you might catch one. That's always cause for big excitement.
Recently ER discovered the non-fiction section and always asks to look at the book on dancing first. She especially loves the ones that show ballerinas. It's right next to the kids cookbooks and crafts so it's a great spot for both of us to start out our visit.
Before the move the children's section was very cramped, stuck in one little square shaped room. Now we've got lots of space to spread out and access to a lot more books, which is great. They've also set up several tables for playing on, have wooden puzzles, and even a puppet theater. It's a great place to spend a few hours.

Little Page Turners
Today we're linked up the the Love My Library link up over at Little Page Turners. Head over to see all the other community libraries enjoyed by our friends.

7 Friends Said:

Cheryl said...

That looks amazing!! I love going to the library with the girls but ours is a little outdated and shabby.

Vickie said...

Nice looking joint!

We love our library! Their collection of kids stuff keeps increasing! So does their crafting magazines;)

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

Hooray for new libraries! Yours looks beautiful both inside and out. I love the open floor plan so you can browse and keep an eye on your little one at the same time. Thanks so much for linking up1

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

That's like a dream library. I'm not sure I'd ever leave!

silly eagle books said...

That picture of your daughter reading a book in the aisle is just gorgeous! You should frame that one! You've inspired me to try to do a library photo shoot of juliet--I'd love a pic of her just like that.

Christy said...

I love the library so much! I had to run get a book one evening, and one of my best friends was hanging out with me, and I asked her to tag along. She had not been to a public library EVER, just school libraries. (She's 30). She kept walking around asking, 'How is this free?' "Why doesn't this cost money?" ...and the next time we hung out her whole back seat was completely filled with books she had checked out. I hope she knows you have to return them. :O)

Susana said...

Your library reminds me of our main branch downtown. Those pics of ER are adorable. She is growing fast!!

Thank you so much for your kind, sincere comments on my blog this weekend.

I hope you are doing well, feeling good, happy and healthy!! Thinking of you!

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