Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Really Matters

Do you ever have moments in life when you realize just how unimportant most of the things you worry about are? I'm having a few right now. No, they aren't happening to me personally, but I am amazed by the two strong women I know who are going through them.

One is a friend from elementary school. We grew up and were friends all the way through, but somewhere along the line, some time high school I guess, we lost touch. I recently found her again on Facebook. Only to find out she is battling stage 3 breast cancer, she is only 33. She has two sweet little ones, how can this be happening?

The other one is an especially close blogging friend, for whom my heart is breaking for over and over, everytime I read her updates.

It puts a lot of things back into their proper perspective for me.


8 Friends Said:

Val said...

I totally agree. It makes us so sad that we can't fix it for them and at the same time so thankful. Thank you for reminding us that others are in pain. I am praying for these 2 women in your life.

Nicole said...

Sorry Katie. Sorry for what your friends are going through. I reconnected with a friend a few years ago and learned she was battling cancer. She passed away last October. She had 2 young boys. I will keep your friends in my thoughts and prayers.

Ticia said...

It really does make you appreciate your life what is going on with others sometimes.
I'm sending you a great big cyber hug, which you can send on to your friends.

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life said...

Sorry to hear this Katie! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Sometimes it is the hard obstacles in our life that force us to re-evaluate and figure out what is important.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Katie. I will be keeping your friends in my thoughts and prayers.

malia said...

It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind. Thanks for the reminder about what's important.

Mama King said...

Katie, It is devastating to think a friend is going through any trial, whether it be health or family. I know you are an amazing friend and sometimes that is all it takes to make someones day.

I hope you are alright. I know you have been facing some difficult stuff yourselves. Stay positive!

Hugs! Kim

Mrs4444 said...

I really don't take my mostly-stress-free life for granted--There are so many real problems people are suffering through.

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