Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gratitude Jar

A Gratitude Jar is a nice tradition to start during the month of November, that can continue to be used all year long. It's very simple to make, and the sentiments keep inside can be priceless.

Glass Jar
Seasonal Filler: acorns, popcorn kernals, etc.
Cardstock: cut to 3.5"X3.5"
Decorative Paper: 1 piece cut to 4"X4" and 30 pieces cut to 2.5"X4" inches
Paper Cutter or Scissors
Hole Punch
Double Sided Tape

Begin by making the label. The font Wendy Medium was used to write out the title in a word processing program. Print it out onto tan colored cardstock and trim down to a 3.5 inch square, centering the text. Use double sided tape to mat this on a 4 inch square of decorative paper. In the example, the edges of both pieces have been inked with brown ink.

Punch two holes near the top center of the tag. Attach ribbon to label as shown. trim edges. Loop more ribbon around the opening of the jar. Use tape to attach the label to the ribbon. Place filler in the bottom of the jar. Cut thirty pieces of decorative paper to 2.5"X4". Fold each in half. These will be used to record something your family is thankful for every day in November. Place the papers and the jar out in hour home somewhere convienient, so you'll remember to use it often during the month. Each day pick out one piece of paper and write something you are thankful for on it, don't forget to date it! Place it into the Gratitude Jar, but the end of the month it will be filled with all the wonderful things that happened.

Tomorrow, I'll share an alternate easy way to record all the things you are thankful for and add some fall decor to your home.

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