Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project Life Week 43

Wow my last Project Life post was way back in November!  Did you think I'd abandoned doing it?  Not a chance, I'm actually close to putting the finishing touches on my 2012 album!  I think that deserves a big "Yay me!," for this two time Project Life quitter. 

I'd probably be done but I decided to order a big batch of Christmas pictures from Snapfish when they were running a penny a print sale.  They're currently running another one if you need a bunch.  I'm waiting for them to arrive but am caught up through the first half of December and will complete things when my pictures arrive, should be any day now!

Now, let me see...where did I leave off sharing pages?  Oh yes, Halloween...so even though there is snow on the ground and a new year's begun I'll pick up from there.  There were a lot of inserts (SIX) since we had a ton of Halloween activities and our church's big Silent Auction fund raiser.
To start the week out, we went to a Halloween party at a local natural history museum.   It was my first time there, although ER had been a couple of times.  We got there early so it wasn't too crowded, it was a neat way to enjoy the exhibits and have something fun for the kids to do.  Next to this I put the program and some art work ER made at the event in a 5X7 insert.  Papers and stickers on this page by Doodlebug Design.
A few days later we finally got around to carving our pumpkins.  I trimmed a page protector from an older version of a Project Life, when it was Project 365, in half for this insert. I used a Clementine journaling card, so glad I finally decided to order an actual physical kit.  It's so handy to have those all printed and ready to go as opposed to having to create digitally and print out.
Here is the backside of the pumpkin carving insert.  I used bits and pieces from my stash to add some fun touches to it.  The little saying above reads, "Carving out memories, one pumpkin at a time."  
Next to the pumpkin carving insert is one containing two pieces of art ER made a school.  The shape witch is from her class party.  This is followed by the actual class party insert.  Our school celebrates Book-a-Ween, and all the kids bring a book and dress up like a character from the book.  It's pretty easy to find a book for pretty much any costume but I appreciate the attempt to tie it into something educational.  Both Grandmas came out for the day to see the school festivities and help with trick-or-treating that night.

I filled both sides with pictures from the school wide parade and class performance, which was so cute with the songs and chants the kids did.  I  listed the songs and chants from the performance on the front and put the games and activities done at the party for the backside.  Years from now it might be fun to look back at some of the things done.  I also included the words for one of the chants, with the portion ER's group said in green.  Some mini art fit nicely into a pocket but the skeleton ER really wanted me to include was too bulky.  I photographed it so it could still be added.
This is the back of the insert which is a Design G, one of the initial shipments that was slightly defective.  I really like the configurations of pockets but it's a pain to alter things to fit it correctly.  But they were marked down because of the defect so I try not to grumble too much.  I would definitely buy more of these because it's nice to be able to mix both horizontal and vertical photos.
After the party insert is yet another with Halloween night photos.  On one side, which is not shown, are pictures of ER with friends who came to trick-or-treat with us.  The reverse is dedicated to LB's first time trick or treating.  It was too cold to go to more than three houses but he had fun getting to pick out a piece of candy from the bowls at our neighbors' houses.
Next to the Halloween night insert is a monthly divider followed by yet another insert.  Last one for this week I promise!  It has the program from our church's annual Silent Auction - unfolded to fit better, tickets, and some pictures of the decorations.  I was on decorating committee, the theme was Steppin' Out with Sinatra and we tried to give it an old Vegas kind of look.  We were all really pleased by how it turned out.

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3 Friends Said:

Craftcherry said...

Thanks for the heads up on the new snapfish sale. I completely missed the last one.
Your Halloween layouts look really fantastic. I love the kids crafts you included.

Jenny said...

I love the Book A Ween idea ER's school does. That's cute.

You always make Project Life look so fun and easy, but I just know I wouldn't be able to do it. For one, I hate my handwriting. Besides that, I am no good at putting all of that stuff together and making something awesome! Mine would be like a junk drawer. LOL!

wendy said...

You have a nice little knack of making really cute mini layouts in your pockets. Love your Halloween pages!

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