Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Long Baskets for Sticker Organization

I found the best metal baskets in the dollar section at Target and I had to share!  They're in with the Valentine stuff right at the front of the store and are $3 each, totally worth it!  Why?  Because I've been on the search for the longest time for a container long enough to hold my big alphabet packs, like Thickers.  I bought one for my alphabet sticker sheets and one for longer sticker sheets like the ones I love from Doodlebug Design Inc.  It's so great to have things out and handy when scrapping.


2 Friends Said:

malia said...

That's awesome. Those stickers are tough to store. I have mine in a bin that I stole from Max (from PB Kids). Not as good as yours!

Craftcherry said...

Such a great solution. I have a 12x12 zippered binder that I just organized mine in. I would love a desk that I could just keep them out on though!

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