Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simple Glitter Frame

I used some supplies to make a really cute glitter frame last weekend.  I was so easy to do, and is something you can whip up last minute, as long as you have a few hours for the glitter/glue mixture to dry.
I went stash shopping for this project and pulled out an unfinished wooden frame, mod podge, and some of my favorite Martha Stewart Crafts glitter together. 
Then I got busy mixing together the mod podge and glitter.  You want it to be a nearly 1:1 ratio so you get a really nice thick layer of glitter on your frame.  Mix everything together really well, you don't want any pockets of glitter left in the mixture before you start applying.  Then simply "paint" your unfinished frame with the mixture and let try.  My frame has two coats of the mixture on it.
What I really like about this technique is that because the glitter is mixed with mod podge, you don't end up with little bits of glitter flaking off.  And since you used Mod Podge, there's no need to do a final coat to seal, that's already done.  Once everything dries, that glitter isn't going anywhere, ever! 

I might add a bit of ribbon or some embellishment on the left side but for now I'm just letting the glittery finish shine.  My daughter really thinks it's very pretty; the perfect holiday decoration that can come out in December and last through Valentine's.  This little beauty might even make another appearance around July!


4 Friends Said:

Much Ado About Somethin said...

Super cute! What a huge improvement!!

Unknown said...

Oh I've never tried mod podge and glitter mixed. Looks great. I need to give that a try! Thanks!

Maureen Wyatt said...

Why did I never think of mixing the glue and the glitter? Duh Thanks and that's such a cute frame!

Theresa said...

I love glittering up & painting cheap frames. What a difference it makes, right?! Hope to see you again this week @ DearCreatives.com thanks for dropping in & linking up your 7 layer dip! xo

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