Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project Life 2013: Jan 1-5

Whoohoo!!!!  Finally able to share how 2013 is coming along!  'Bout time considering how it's March already.  Actually, it's less stressful for me to share a few weeks behind "in real time" because it's hard for me to keep up with putting my page together and having it ready to share the following Tuesday.  I don't know how some of you do it.
I decided to start my first "week" with January 1st, even though that was a Tuesday.  It just seemed easier to keep all of 2012 together and not mix a couple days into my 2013 albums.  Plus I found with all the furniture rearrangement we did, I had plenty to fill my pages with.
Simple Stories shared some awesome 2013 free printables (they also had some for 2012, if you missed them) and I used three on this half of the spread: It's A Brand New Year!, Circles, and Colorful Stripes.  The printables came as PDFs and I opened one of the pages in PS Elements and added the dates to the Circles card. 

The sledding picture and the one of ER hugging her little friend were both iPhone photos so the resolution wasn't great, but they were perfect for including in smaller form.  The snowflake frame is from Studio Calico, I bought two different packs of the frames because they are so darling.  The Silly card is from a retired kit by Pink Trike Designs that I added digital Clementine papers to.
There was a big shake up in the house the first week of January.  We finally moved LB out of our room/walk in closet and into my office/craft room turned little boy's room.  Now, I know it might seem odd to put your baby in the closet but it's fairly large one, with it's own window and heat duct.  For a long time it had more than enough room for LB.  It wasn't until he started to be able to reach out and pull all my clothes off their hangers, making a big mess, and it got colder that it was really an issue.

I had hoped to move LB into his room months ago but our basement finished project is just dragging itself out endlessly.  It was supposed to be done within a year of us moving into the house.  It's been six years.  Then Brad swore it would be done before LB was born...yeah, well he's nineteen months old now.  The last deal was that it would be done by March.  It's March.  It ain't done.   BUT at least dry wall is going up and I feel optimistic that it will be ready to move the office into by late spring.  Can't wait and while it's been slow I'm super proud of Brad for being able to be much more handy than I ever thought he could be. 
These pictures from Week 1 show where up until recently I've been crafting, blogging, etc.  You can probably tell from the pictures of our home that I am not a shelter/home decorating blogger :)  Isn't that little puffy house sticker too cute.   Don't you just love Amy Tangerine

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4 Friends Said:

Anonymous said...

Definitely nothing wrong with having a closet bedroom :) We did the same thing as you earlier this year and moved all the bedrooms in our house around (all four of them got new furniture or rearranged!!).

cat said...

I really love yoru colors and the layouts. Did you use washi tape on the one journal card?

malia said...

I love your PL album Katie. It really gives me a feel for your happy, colorful kid-centered life!

Craftcherry said...

Cute layouts. I started my album on the 1st too. :o)
LOVE the picture of brother and sister. So sweet.

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