Monday, December 29, 2008

Celebrating Babies

Today has been the first day that we stayed at home since Christmas. It has been a whirlwind of events: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the day after family visit, Karen's baby shower, and a baby baptism...whew! I had planned on picking up, cleaning, organizing, running errands, but in reality we all just needed a breather today. So we didn't go anywhere at all! My Godbrother Matt and his wife Karen, our former "neighbors" (they live in CO and we used to live in NM both right off of I25 albeit five hours or so apart but that's close when the rest of the family is in MI), were in MI over the Christmas holiday. Their first baby, a little boy, is due in March. I was praying that there wouldn't be an ice storm or snow on the day of their shower, and while there was a lot of fog that wasn't enough to keep me home! It was so nice to see them, it's been about a year and a half. Karen gave me a big bear hug and threatened my mom that she was going to kidnap me back to CO because she misses me so much. ER's first road trip was actually to their house, and the running joke is that she was conceived in CO too. I am 100 percent sure that's not the case, but it makes for a much more interesting story to say she was:) I always wanted little girls with all the pink and frilly stuff that involves, but I have to admit it was a lot of fun shopping for their little baby boy. The bedding is a ship's ahoy theme with a pirate ship, an island with a palm tree, a whale, and a monkey. It's so adorable, and they've already begun the cuddly monkey collection to go along with it. All the snugly baby clothing...some of which had little bear ears attached to the hoods were so cute! It makes me want another one too!
The day after the shower we all drove across town to a baby baptism. Literally, we drove the exact same drive as the one I took to the day before, but this time we stayed on the highway a few more exits. My friend Sara's baby was so good during the ceremony, she didn't cry a bit when the Minister poured the holy water on top of her head. Even more surprising, to us anyway, ER was the best she has ever been during a service. We think maybe she was too tired from being woken up early and carted across town to be her usual boisterous self. There was only one outburst, when she declared, "I hungry, I thirsty!" Sara's mom and aunt said it was so pitiful sounding and joked that one was ready fish a mint out of their bag and the other was going to the corner store to get her a snack. What had happened was she had just spied her juice box and chocolate teddy grahams in my purse, which I wouldn't give her during the service. After the ceremony we all went back to Jeff's parents' house for lunch. It was really fun catching up with Sara's mom, sister, and aunt whom I haven't seen in quite awhile and talking with Sara and Jeff, we haven't seen them since Melissa and Tim got married last month. That's the happy couple below, Sara and I were both bridesmaids in the wedding.
ER usually sleeps into nine or so in the morning, and she hasn't been taking a nap with all the fun events we've been to since the Christmas festivities began. She still has been staying up til her normal bedtime of ten; we had to get her up at seven-thirty to make 9:30 baptism, so her sleeping pattern has been really thrown off. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep on the ride home. We got stopped in traffic, part of the highway was closed down and we had to get off and go through downtown. So I snapped this one of her, so precious!

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