Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

Today we made some delicious no-bake treats, chocolate dipped pretzel rods. There is just something about the combination of salty and sweet...they just go together! They were super easy to make too, and made nice little additions to our gifts for extended family.

We made about a bag and half of pretzel rods with two bags of white chocolate chips. I added a shallow layer of water to the bottom of a medium sized pot, placed a glass bowl that was slightly bigger that the pot on top, and put the chips in the glass bowl. ER stood on a chair next to me as I used a spoon to cover the pretzel rods with chocolate.

This is a kind of tricky, professional sweet makers we're not; our chocolate is a bit clumpy, but trust me they still taste just fine:) I put them on wax paper lined cookie sheets and ER sprinkled decorations over them before they went into the fridge to cool.

We got a lot of sprinkles all over the counter, floor, and everywhere else so I ended up sweeping twice today, why on earth would I bother cleaning the floor before we a messy activity?

ER had a fun time, "I love bakin' with you Mommy," she said to me. Oh, sweetie...I love baking with you too!

{I added this to Maureen's Favorite Christmas Recipes Linky because it's one of our favorite holiday treats. It is simple, who doesn't love only needing 3 ingredients, and no one really needs a recipe. We love it because, it's super easy to make and get your kids involved in making, plus they are just darn yummy!}

4 Friends Said:

Alicia said...

They look sooo yummy!!!!!
Wish I was there to eat them with you>>>>

Katie said...

Wish you were here too! We're going to make chocolate covered peppermint candy canes tomorrow, those should be good in hot chocolate!

eriochrome said...

The rods were tasty even if I prefer milk chocolae.

Mozer said...

Oh these are so yummy! I love the sweet paired w/ the salt :) Thanks for reminding me about these--- I'm adding it to our "to make" list. :)

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