Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Package on our Doorstep

It snowed yesterday so much that when my friend and ER's Godmother Alicia went to check on the status of the package she sent, UPS said it was not delivered due to inclement weather. Now why UPS delivered our package from the Great Grandparents in MO but not one from AZ yesterday I don't know. I think the holiday backlog has them going out in the snow on a Saturday, because normally it's unheard of to get a weekend delivery. ER is such a lucky girl that today after we ran our errands we came home to find yet another big box on the doorstep. I think she might be getting a bit spoiled because she immediately began jumping up and down saying, "Prwesent, prwesnt for me!" And what was inside, surrounded by, can you believe packing peanuts...was the cutest little baking set for our junior baker! It seems someone was reading my blog and saw how much she loved the cookie making! There was a cookie cookbook, hot pink mixing bowl, and bright, colorful, bendy Fiesta Head Chefs. They are so neat with little hands and feet with suction cups, they can even be posed. They make me want to bake too! ER immediately began to play baking all afternoon. There is so much love surrounding this one! Godmother Alicia even broke down and got her Princess wrapping paper, for the book and adorable hooded sweater dress that also came in the box, something she wouldn't do for her other Goddaughter!

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