Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, We're on Our Way...

If anyone's child is as crazy about those three little critters as mine is the words in the title to this post should be very familiar! We watch them on the Preschoolers' Channel Noggin run by Nick Jr. and after seeing the first few episodes ER was already singing, "What's gonna work, teamwork!"

They have a new holiday episode called Wonder Pets! Save the Nutcracker this year so Nick Jr. has a lot of tie in crafts for Christmas. The no-sew ornaments are even on a segment about crafting with your kids. I thought, okay I'll bite. No-sew sounds good to me.

I think these are best for children three and up, as I ened up doing all the work. ER has been itchin' to get her little hands on these since she saw them drying on the table. They did come out rather cute. I like Linny the Guinea Pig the best even though Ming-Ming is usually our favorite.

2 Friends Said:

eriochrome said...

I think that Ming Ming's beak is the wrong color. A much more pink/purple color.

Katie said...

Ha, ha, ha Brad! You know I looked everywhere for the right color felt! This was the compromise one.

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