Saturday, December 13, 2008

Have a Handprint Holiday

I don't know about you but there are few ways to capture a stage in a child's life more precious then with hand and feet prints. The first handprint impression we made of ER was as at three months old. That chubby little hand was so kissable and has already changed so much. To show how little she really was, I like to incorporate handprints into as many different projects as possible. I can't wait to have her hold her "big kid" handprint up next to the baby one in the years to come and to watch the growth. This post and the next few are of some favorite projects I've done.

For Thanksgiving ER and I made little decorative door knob hangers. I painted each finger a different color and the palm and thumb brown. After adding some details to our handprint turkey, cut it out into a rectangle and used eyelets to attach it to craft felt. At the same time as I attached the handprint I attached a Thanksgiving poem to the back. Some ribbon was strung through the eyelets for a hanger and the gift was done. I mailed these to out-of-state family, but had to have them handcancelled due to the metal. I am going to recreate these with a Santa handprint, see my handprint calendar below to see the print and poem. It would also be fun to do the prints on muslin or another light colored fabric and then use it for the front of a small pillow or pillow ornament. If you do that, use fabric paint.

If you don't want to create a door knob hanging you can also put the handprint project into a frame and display it on a shelf or counter to add some seasonal flair to your decorating. We have one in our kitchen and I plan on eventually making twelve different handprints so I can change them out each month. I think it's a great way to involve your child in personalizing your space meaningfully. Even at two years old ER proudly points to her framed turkey print and says, "I make it!"

UPDATE 12/16: I decided to go ahead and make the Santa handprints. I really like how they came out. Since I wasn't going to be mailing these I added 3D embellishments. In the frame, I used foam letters I got at Target in the dollar spot last summer. I knew I'd have a lot ways to use the red and I am so glad I snagged a few sets. They took up a lot space within in the 5X7 opening, so I couldn't use them on the hanger which is smaller. I cut in half a Jolly Old Saint Nick phrase sticker for that. I also used a bit of cotton ball to give Santa his fluffy red hat on both.

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Katie said...

Katie I love this idea! While we have the paint all over their hands tonight anyway we might have to try this one too:)

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