Friday, December 12, 2008

What's in a Name?

The hardest part in starting this blog has been choosing a name. I wanted to pick something that would represent all the things I intend to chronicle: family life, crafty things I make or in some cases attempt to make, learning new skills, my interests, and creating a homey environment for my child to flourish into an intelligent, creative, caring person. I also wanted it to reflect things that bring a smile to my face or happy memories to my mind. to incorporate the sight of yellow little rubber duckies bobbing in the sudsy water, bright red strawberries in the fields, and crunchy dill pickles into a short succint title...okay maybe not. Unfortunately, as I am sure happens to many new bloggers all the good names I thought of were taken. Maybe it's a blessing as one is forced to really think. So how did my blog get it's name? Well, one definition of a nest is a place of refuge and retreat (hopefully a snug, cozy one at that) to hold an animal's eggs (i.e. my toddler) and/or provide a place to raise their offspring. I think the name describes my purpose, even without the rubber duckies, berries, and dills!

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