Friday, April 3, 2009

Martha Has Landed

It's been a gloomy rainy day here in Michigan, but I didn't mind because my copy of Martha Stewart's brand spankin' new Encylopedia of Crafts was delivered yesterday! I have been so excited for this to come out and couldn't wait for it's release March 31st. Yes I am that big of a dork. I've had it on preorder at Barnes & Noble since the middle of last month, thank you MIL Norma for giving me that handy dandy gift card for my birthday!
So the second nap time started I curled up with my new coffee cup a recent HomeGoods find, isn't it the cutest? So bright and cheery, and if there is one motif I life even more than birdies it's strawberries!

Okay back to the book, it's a really hefty book and full of clear instructions with load of pictures to inspire you. I love how it teaches me how to do new things like make my own stamps and seashell covered pots. Beading, soap making, and candle making are all new crafts I've been wanting to try my hand at and now I have all of Martha's great ideas at my fingertips.

I know there is a wealth of information available on the world wide web but I have to say in my heart I'm a hold it in your hands kind of gal. Those six or so years working at Barnes & Noble during high school and college made sure of that. I loved spending some quiet time with this hefty tome of crafty goodness. It's a good thing.
I think I'm going to be a busy crafty mama, because in addition to the gift card to Barnes & Noble she gave me two books I've had on my wish list. To top it all off she also gave me a gift card to Joann's so I can pick up some new supplies to make some of the projects. Yeah, she's a pretty great MIL!

Since the book's arrival was the last birthday present to arrive, I thought I'd finally share some of the fun gifts I got this year, by popular demand - okay so by demand I mean six people asked me to show the goods but still that's six followers who's wishes I can't deny, right?I'll start with the really fabulous handmade tapestry purse my Aunt Cheri, through marriage, made me. She knows I love purple! Isn't the fabric rose pretty. She also made the matching necklace that can also be uses as a strap. I've detached it and worn it several times already and carried the purse as a clutch. She also made me lovely matching dangly earrings, that I couldn't find to photograph and was so panicked, until I realized I was WEARING them. I think that's one of the most clueless moments I've had in awhile!

Here's the inside of the bag, there's even some bling on the zipper pull. My mom really likes tapestry purses and has had her eye on mine since I got it. But she'll have to arm wrestle ER for it. She's under the impression it's her new bag and it's function is to carry babies around in!
Speaking of new carriers for ER's babies, that exactly what she thinks these craft organizer caddies are. She's been using the larger one as a Moses basket and I only recently was able to reclaim it! I love the fun Amy Butler fabric on the larger one, it's to help me tote my in progress projects up and down the stairs so I can work on quick little things like hand embroidery while keeping an eye on ER. The smaller one is for tools like pens and scissors.I was hugely surprised to get the craft caddies because this is the only thing I was expecting as I'd told Brad not got go all out and that I didn't really need anything. This in and of itself is a splurge because I have NO shortage of bags! But I just fell in love with it this Vera Bradley pattern the second I first saw it on my friend Noelle's blog. I sling this across my body and am hands free, diapers and some snacks fit inside along with my cell phone and wallet. It's great.Not to be left out of the crafting theme, my brother gave me a beautiful pair of pinking schears! Now I guess I have to give the ones I "borrowed" from my mom several months ago back. These are so great to have on hand. I love giving everything a pinked edged!This may not look like it's for crafting but my parents got this for me so I can start recovering some much worn chairs. I've been wanting one of these babies for quite some time so I was so happy to get it.

Okay, and now I think the birthday celebration is finally over! This has been a very eventful past few weeks and although all the presents are lovely, the best gift of all has been living back by our families in MI and making all the great new blogging friends since starting back in December. Thank you so much for all your support and comments, they mean a lot to me!

7 Friends Said:

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

wooo girl! love that vera!! i still want one so bad:)

noelle ♥

DomesticDivasFancy said...

I WANT MARTHAS BOOK! I feel like it has been forever too! I have been busy with the house! I am going to be posting pics tomorrow morning! I am so pooped tonight! I have been taking down drywall all day long in the Bathroom {which is my project} I am so excited! What have I gotten myself into!?!
I miss you, I cant wait to get this house done so I can get my stuff out of storage!!! And so I can decorate and blog about it to of course!!! :)

Kitty Scraps said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. The little birdie shape you asked about is from Michael's. They came about 12 in a pack and were $1.99 so super cheap for all that cuteness. There were other shapes too. Hope you find some! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

So you worked at Barnes and Noble? Fun! I love to work with brand new books! I love the smell and the "creeeeak" sound that a new book makes!

Thanks for showing us your presents! How funny that ER claimed some of them. from what I 've herad- that's only the beginning with daughters! ☺ That strawberry cup made my day! How cheerful and unique!

Well, enjoy your book! Maybe you can show us some pages? Or would that be a copyright "no-no"?

***Sharon*** said...

Isn't funny how we love tools? I would've been excited about the staple gun as well! I just bought an electric sander and an electric rotary cutter! Feels like Christmas!

Rachel Holloway said...

oooooh!! So many goodies! And they all look amazing! I have one of those guns and it's awesome! Just need more stuff to recover. :)

Vickie said...

Wow, your birthday was like Christmas!!

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