Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Play Date

Last Friday we got together at my friend Margaret's house and had a combined Halloween themed play date and a birthday party of her youngest daughter.
They painted terra cotta pots and made simple a simple jack-o-lantern craft. I love how they came out. Just paint each pot orange, mod podge on the face, and then seal everything with another thin layer of mod podge. I rolled up a bit of brown paper to make the stem, pushed it into the drainage hole in the pot and then attached a paper leaf to it.
Margaret planned a cute treat hunt. Each of the girls had to find their clue, I love how the girls helped her make them, and that directed them to their treat. It could easily be extended with more clues to find depending on how old your kids are. As it is, it took mine awhile to find both her clue and treat so it was the perfect lengh for her. Margaret knows the way to ER's heart is paved with marshmallows, so those ghost peeps were a big hit with her.
Instead of a birthday cake, each girl decorated two cupcakes with lots of frosting and sprinkles.
Happy 3rd birthday to one of our favorite sweet little friends! We had the best time playing with you and always have so much fun with you! We love you♥
I took the easy way out this year for the treat bags, and didn't actually make anything in them. We decided to buy one big sugary treat instead of a bunch of little one so each girl got a big lollipop and some other fun things. I made the bag with a larger plastic bag, topped with folded and stapled themed paper. Then I added a little phrase or Halloween word to the top along with a border strip, both cut from another sheet of thematic paper. Easy peasy, just what I need right now.

9 Friends Said:

Val said...

Oh this is such a cute post. I love the treat bags.

Mama King said...

Oh so many great ideas! Love the treat bag and the flower pot. Need to file those ideas away for next year.

Ashlee said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love that little terra cotta pot/pumpkin!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

super, super cute!! gosh i love parties and miss doing all those things when i taught preschool!!

Unknown said...

That terra cotta pot is way too cute! Awesome Katie!! So fun.

Vickie said...

Look at the concentration on ER's face!! She looks adorable in her dress and flower crown. Doll!!

Cute idea with the pots!

Anonymous said...

Cute I bet they had so much fun!

Susana said...

I love those pots--cute treat bags too, and cute pictures of such a fun time!

k-e-household said...

fun party! I like the terracotta pumpkin idea too.
And totally, ER has the concentration cranked on high for her cupcake decorating!!

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