Friday, May 14, 2010

My Summer Baby's Preschool Birthday

ER's birth was perfectly timed for my former job as an Inclusion Specialist in Santa Fe. I was able to finish the school year without having to take any leave. If I'd have wanted to return to the classroom, then I would've had around six weeks after her birth at home.
Her birthday was less perfectly timed for the all important birthday snack. Yesterday she got her special day at preschool early and we used up the extra candy we had from the Mother's Day flower cupcake centerpiece. I can see how her fine motor skills have improved over winter, it was so neat to see how nicely she placed each little candy. For once big globs of frosting didn't get all over the place. These are red velvet cake, her specific request. ER's been obsessed with that flavor ever since my mom served one for my birthday back in March. Ours were a little bit crumbly, hence the little bits mixed into the frosting.
At preschool when you are snack assist you get to sit in the special blue chair and be teacher's helper. All the kids look forward to it and ER was no exception. She proudly wore her birthday crown all afternoon and carefully put it on her dresser to, "Save forever and ever and ever!" She also got a birthday book and during circle time she got to decorate the special cake and decorate just the way she wanted. Everyone sang to her and then it was snack time.
YUM! I'll admit it I had a bit of a mommy moment watching ER celebrate her birthday at school for the first time. Sniff...sniff...where did the time go?


6 Friends Said:

Mama King said...

A Very Happy Un-Birthday to ER!!! So glad she could enjoy it with her friends at school. Some schools lump all the summer birthdays together which isn't nearly as fun.

LollyChops said...

Those cupcakes look sooo good! What a fun time (and wow does she look like you or what!!!)

Weekend HUGS!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

how sweet!! what a cutie!!

i'm sad you haven't visited me lately:( hope we are still super bloggy buds?

Alicia said...

Love the joy in her face!!!! Number four right around the seems like it was just yesterday. Its going by tooo darn fast.

Anonymous said...

Yum those look delicious! Great photos.

Vickie said...

Happy Early Birthday ER!!

Her shirt looks soooo cute! I want it for myself!!

Adela will be celebrating an early preschool birthday as well. The parents of the summer birthday kids chip in money and the whole class gets an ice cream party.

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