Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Product Review: Pop On Pals

We just got an Amusement Park Playset from the new toy line: Pop On Pals from Spin Master. It's a lot of fun with lights, sound, and music. There are lots of fun things to do at the park, like testing your strength at the strong man striker and making the bell ring or playing the milk toss game. How about a ride on the dragon swing followed by a spin on the musical ferris wheel before an exciting time on the roller coaster? I think the only thing the Amusement Park Playset is missing are the smells of popcorn!

The playset definitely gives your new little pal a fun place to hang out and provides a setting for your little one's imaginative play. ER liked the ferris wheel best out of the things to do at the Amusement Park Playset. There is a place to push down to move it, but she prefered to spin it around by hand. The roller coaster is a bit bumpy, plan to hang onto the car as it slides down. It might take a few tries for the younger kids to get the car aligned properly in the rails.

Right now it's the only playset shown on line and I assume it's the only one currently released, although some vehicles appear to also be available. I hope there will be more playsets because with so many ways to configure your pal it seems like they'll need many more places to visit!The Amusement Park Playset was certainly fun and included all the best parts of any real life Amusement Park but for me the most interesting part of the set was the Pop on Pal. This little guy comes with three rings so you can choose to have his arms up, like you would when enjoying the rush of a roller coaster going down a big drop, or holding a hammer so he can play the games. In both variations he can wear his cool yellow belt. He also can be played with without any rings and it a little top heavy, as to be expected, when wear all the rings. It's easiest to pop on and off rings on a flat surface as opposed to the carpet.

The ability to change the pal is what makes this toy unique. Several additional pals are available with mix 'n match rings for endless combinations that can represent jobs, favorite hobbies, or be just plain silly and fun. Some even come with hats, providing more combinations for play time. There are even pet pals. Mixing the pet packs and pals would really make for a gigglefest of fun.
I think Pop on Pals are best suited kids as they turn 2; most will out grow it by age 4. Great for children as their first leave the baby toy phase, the pals are easy for little hands to handle and switch rings. Just press down on the pal and pop on mix n' match rings. And yes, there's even a fun "pop" sound as they change rings.

The main downside I can see to this toy, is that since younger children will be playing with it, losing the rings may become an issue. Plus, if you get a playset you will probably need to get more pals. It'd be more fun with more than just the one that's included.

Overall, I think it's a very fun toy that will enourage imaginative play and give parents countless things to talk about with their child as they play together. The ability to change up the pals makes this an innovative variation on toy sets.


Disclosure: A Pop on Pals Amusement Park Playset has been provided for review by Team Mom and Spin Master. This post relates my own personal and unbiased opinion and experiences with the products. Yours may differ.

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