Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seventh Generation: Project Laundry Line Winner

Since everyone was so supportive of the 30 Day Project Laundry Line Challenge with Seventh Generation, that my family recently finished, I wanted to let you all know some interesting facts I recently got from them:

Masking Agents: What Are They Hiding?

· Truly fragrance free products have a scent. If there is no scent, it is likely that the product contains a masking agent.

· Masking agents are actually synthetic fragrances that neutralize the scents so that there is no appreciable odor in a product.

· Masking agents have similar effects to fragrances – some people have skin and respiratory sensitivity to them.

· If a product does not contain fragrance it may still contain a masking agent – “no masking agents” claims indicate to consumers with sensitivities to fragrance that there are no fragrances present.

Optical Brighteners: Not a Brilliant Idea

· Optical brighteners are chemicals that make fabrics seem brighter or whiter than they are.

· They remain behind on clean laundry as a coating and when invisible ultraviolet light hits this coating; they convert it into visible light to create an optical illusion that tricks the eye into thinking our clothes are super clean.

· Optical brighteners are designed to remain behind on clothes/laundry which means they come in direct contact with skin.

· They can cause allergic reactions in some people.

· Some are poisonous to fish and other aquatic life.

· Many are not biodegradable and remain in waterways.

Why Seventh Generation Laundry Products are Different

· Plant-based laundry detergents are non-toxic and biodegradable

· Hypo-allergenic

· Free of phosphates and optical brighteners

· Safe for septic and greywater systems

· Not tested on animals and are Kosher certified

Learn more about Seventh Generation’s line of laundry products at
And now for the information, I know you're all wanted to know...the winner is...MaryAnne, comment #19, who said, "And I subscribe via email," in her winning comment.

She also said in another entry comment, "I would love to win this giveaway - I've been wanting to try line drying for a while but can't convince DH to put posts in the ground for a permanent line. We use cloth diapers and wipes to be eco-friendly, and we recycle and compost. And, I have fabulous memories of running through the sheets my mom would pin up to dry in our back yard."

Congratulations MaryAnne sounds like you already do a lot of green activities to help our planet!


Disclosure: Seventh Generation provided me with the free product, gift pack, information in this post, and giveaway through MyBlogSpark as well as with a Flip Camera to enable me to complete the reviews.

1 Friends Said:

MaryAnne said...

I'm so excited I won this giveaway, I love Seventh Generation products! =)

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