Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tangled: Released Today

Earlier in the month we got to see Walt Disney Pictures’ 50th full-length animated feature, Tangled in Disney Digital 3D. The moment Rapunzel's 70 feet of golden hair with more than 100,000 individual strands showed up on the screen, I knew they had another hit! Based on the classic fairy tale Rapunzel, Tangled is the story of a "mother" and daughter's complicated relationship. It about a child wanting to break free of an over-protective parent; explore the world on her own. Something most of us can relate to, but with some very drastic exceptions...hopefully none of you have a mother kept young through the magic of your very special tresses! Tangled is also very much the story of Flynn Rider, no shadowy Prince we only meet at the happily ever after Flynn come with his own personal baggage...the quintessential bad boy with a heart of gold underneath. Together both our protagonists get, well "Tangled" up in an adventure, danger, misunderstandings, and of course a big musical wouldn't be Disney without that, you know!Surprisingly, one of the most memorable moments is when our pair encounter a seemingly vicious bunch of pub thugs. Turns out looks can be deceiving, their some of the hero's of the movie and their crusty exteriors hide some very complex men with dreams of their own. Their musical number was the best of the film.Being the parent of a four year old, who gets scared by every little thing, I was a bit worried that parts might be a bit too much for her. Both Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty and the Wicked Witch of Snow White scare her to the point where she hasn't been able to sit through either of those movies. Mother Gothel and the other villains aren't too scary, she's even got quite a voice and sense of humor. Even the littlest fans should be able to make it through the movie. Thus capturing another generation of fans at an early age for Disney!One of the most awe inspiring moments for sheer beauty is the exciting climatic scene with a dazzling, lantern-filled skyline. Every lantern has its own animated fire that contains 10,000 micro points of light. The highest lantern count in a shot is 46,000 lanterns, which equals 460 million points of light!

More high marks go to the sweeping view of the valley Rapunzel lives with Mother Gothel in. The waterfall and stream in the tower valley were animated to match the characteristics of streams and waterfalls in California’s Yosemite. The effects supervisor took a two-day trip and shot more than 150 video clips for reference. The art directors were then able to pick out their favorite characteristics. More than 10 million individual water droplet "points" make up the waterfall. How's THAT for detail! Now wonder it looked amazing! The bottom line, Tangled will be extremely popular. With it's enthralling tale, talented voice actors, beautiful animation, and the requisite fairy tale ending, it's more than worth leaving the shopping lines to see opening weekend. The whole family will be entertained. The little girls can sigh over the Rapunzel's long hair and the boys will find the adventure and Flynn provide more than enough of an adrenalin rush. It's also the kind of film the parents accompanying their kiddos will be drawn into as well.

My husband Brad commented that he was surprised by how much he thoroughly enjoyed the movie. When we left the theater, my daughter immediately asked to see it again and her new Rapunzel doll is her current favorite; it's safe to say that for her and me too, the film more than lived up to it's hype. It'll be one we purchase the day it comes out.

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Disclosure: My family attended complimentary preview showing of this movie. The giveaway and press materials were provided to me, however, my opinions and experience with Tangled are unbiased by this relationship.

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Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

Great review Katie, thanks! We took Molly to see it as her first movie in the theater and LOVED it. I was worried it might be a little scary too, but it wasn't. I was really happy with it and so was Molly. Definitely a new favorite!

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