Monday, November 8, 2010

Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show

Over the weekend, we saw the latest FELD Entertainment show to come to the Metro Detroit area. It was a really fun time and a great show, the magical tricks really added an extra element of excitement! ER wore her official Halloween costume, Silvermist, one of Disney's Fairies. Lots of the audience shows up in full Disney costume, and I love seeing all the kids dressed up as their favorite Disney character!The plan was to also bring along her Silvermist doll, but we happened to come across an Alice in Wonderland doll when we stopped at the Disney Store on the way to the show. ER's been wanting an Alice doll for over a year, but they're hard to come by. She really likes that character so she was thrilled when one of the first big numbers featured Alice, the Mad Hater, Queen of Hearts, and several playing deck cards.
This show was a little different from the other Disney Live! show we saw last year. There wasn't an overall storyline behind all the together. Each act was presented as part of one big overall magic show with Mickey, Minnie, and the magician Brad hosting. There were parts that continued throughout, like Vinnie the magician in training trying and trying to seperate his metal rings and Donald wanting his big moment on stage. What it did have in common with the other FELD productions, is it was fairly princess heavy, with Belle and Snow White showing up briefly. While Jasmine had a longer part and is featured in a levitation trick.

Just a warning, the evil queen comes out and tries to get Snow White to take an apple, that moment was a bit scary for ER and several of the little kids around us. If you've got a scardy cat like ER, just be ready to cover your child's eyes for a few moments. Cinderalla and the Fairy Godmother also make an extended appearance, with Bibbity Boppity Boo being sung and Cinderella's work outfit being magically transformed into her ball gown. I really liked how the show incorporated dancing, singing, and magic all at once. Everyone was singing and clapping along to this one.Overall it was a Mickey's Magic Show was really neat, because not only do you get your favorite princess and classic Disney characters but some pretty impressive magic tricks are sprinkled throughout. I don't want to give too much away, so I won't be real specific about when the magic happens.

I'll just let you know that there are lots of fun surprises like cast members appearing suddenly, switching places, several smaller illusions, and of course the classic cutting a girl - or in this case two girls - in half. They are all pretty cool and the kids around us were all gasping with surprise and delight.

This Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show will appeal to a wide range of Disney fans, including adults and regardless of whether you have a boy or girl...or both, there is lots of fun for everyone in your family! I've seen several stage productions at the parks and I definitely think this rivals any of those in entertainment and quality. Disney often implies a magical experience and it was great fun to literally have a magic filled time!

You can check the Disney Live! website to see when this show is coming to your area and I highly recommend looking for a special blogger discount code for tickets! Try checking out the official DisneyLive! Facebook Fan page for updates and other discounts.


Disclosure: I am part of the FELD family activator's program and received complimentary tickets to the show in return for promoting the performances on my blog and in my community. A positive review is not a requirement, and this post relates my own personal and unbiased opinions and experience.

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I bet she was just thrilled again. How fun for you. Zoe would scream during that part, she is beyond a scaredy cat lol.

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