Saturday, September 3, 2011

Carmex Click Sticks in Vanilla & Lime Twist Product Review

I 'm a bit of a lip gloss and lip balm junkie.  I can have upwards of ten open containers at any given time and my five year old daughter might even have more!  I love trying new brands and flavors but there is one that has been a long time stand by and it comes in a little jar with its trademark yellow lid.  The Original Carmex has long moisturized my lips and helped me sooth the cold sores that I seem to be plagued with every winter.

As much as I love it, I've never been crazy about the delivery.  The germ-a-phob didn't like that to apply I had to dip and redip my finger into the jar.  That's why I love the click sticks, so much handier for quick reapplication while I run errands!  Now there are two new great flavors, Carmex Lime Twist and Carmex Vanilla click sticks!

As a member of the Carmex Blog Squad, I got a cool review kit that included both new flavors and a fun picnic blanket too.  They even threw in a stick of Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm, just for fun.  All three have SPF 15, which is really important to me as my mom has had skin cancer so we're all very aware of the need for skin protection.  Both click sticks also have three additional moisturizers not found in the original line.

I couldn't wait to tear open the samples and had to try the Lime Twist first because citrus is my favorite scent.  It was okay. I just wouldn't purchase this particular scent.  Mainly because I wish the lime scent would've been a little stronger, it's pretty subtle, which may be fine for most Carmex fans.  It was just not a love for me, purely for the scent.  

The Vanilla was by far my favorite.  I liked it's rich warm scent; it's perfect for the fall.  Vanilla just seems like a cold weather scent to me, guess that's because of the cookie connection for me!  I'm very happy with it's performance and I even prefer the Carmex Vanilla click stick scent over the Original Carmex Stick I've purchased before.  It'll be the new standard in my purse.

Actually, I've found two new favorites because the Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm was also a big hit.  I liked it the best out of all the products sent to me.  The lip product junkie in me just loved the super sleek modern and sophisticated design.  The slant tip makes for easy application and I really liked the feel of this balm on my lips and the slight glossy finish. 

I haven't tried them yet, but noticed this product also comes in tinted versions and am exctied to try the plum and berry.  I normally wear lip tints or glosses versus lipstick and it would be great to combine a little sheer color with the ultra hydration and moisterizing protection I've come to expect from Carmex.   It would be nice to have one less thing to carry in my purse, especially since it's now a diaper bag and space for my things is in short supply.
I would like to add that the Carmex Blog Squad was kind enough to offer a giveaway along with this review.  I'm sorry to add that I didn't note the conditions as well as I should've.  I thought I had until the upcoming deadline to post and didn't realize I also had to have the winner's information by that date.  There isn't enough time left to run a giveaway and give my readers time to enter, especially since this weekend is a holiday in the US.  I know many readers will be spending time with their families and won't be online until next week.

I apologize for missing this opportunity for you!  Hopefully, you'll all understand that the delivery of the kit coincided with the end of a high risk pregnancy and the medical complications I had that consumed my whole family the month following delivery.  So things did not go quite as they normally would.  However, I hope that will not stop you from trying out Carmex's new products.  I have been a faithful Carmex user for years and find their products to be high quality, as well as very helpful and useful for lip protection. 


Disclosure: As a member of the Carmex Blog Squad, I received complimentary product samples from the makers of Carmex.  The opinions and experiences related within are personal and unbiased; they are not influenced by this relationship.

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