Friday, September 9, 2011

Handmade for Baby by Aunt Cheri

Brad's Aunt Cheri sent us a couple of gifts for baby shortly before he was born.  They're boy versions of two of ER's favorite baby items. One is a cool ribbon lovey, ER drooled all over hers so I was happy to see a new clean one for LB arrive.  He doesn't pay too much attention to it right now, perferring to nuzzle Mommy and suck on his fingers but I know in a few month's it'll be one of his favorite things. 
She also sent us an ultra soft baby blanket, it's been helping keep LB all snuggly since he came home from the hospital.  We use it all the time, because while he's not ready to be completely free, LB likes to bust out of his swaddling.  Most blankets are already too small to really keep him all tucked up, but not Aunt Cheri's blanket! 

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